What you are to me

Hi Everyone!

This is a little fun poem i scribbled down after it kept tonking in my head all the way while travelling to work. If I’d had a pen and pencil, I’d have noted it down but since i didn’t, verses kept yammering in my head such that I had to run up to my cubicle to type it out…Kinda like Mental Diarrhea…but without any unpleasantness..er…sorry for the analogy..

Anywayz, here goes..

You are the ink to my pen,
With you only, am I a ten on ten.
You are the pages to my book,
Otherwise who on earth would look?

You are the water to my plant
You make me grow in a way others can’t.
You are the chlorophyll to my leaves
The only one who entertains my pet peeves.

You are the base to my eyeshadow,
With you around, I always have my mojo.
You are the pigment to my blush,
How do you always turn my heart to mush??

You’re the laces to my boots,
The only one who keeps me attached to my roots.
You’re the bristles to my brush
Just being besides you gives me such a rush!

You’re the salt to my curry,
With you here, I never have to worry.
You’re the cream to my cake
What an amazing couple we make!

**Disclaimer: All the poems and material on this blog are original and created by me. Pls donot copy them without checking with me first. Thanks.



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59 responses to “What you are to me

  1. i just loved the 3rd para 😀 😀 sounds perfect like Zeee 😉
    and lol on “kinda diarrhea” line =D

  2. I love each and every para! Ur full of Love..Zee!
    kya baat..kya baat..kyaa baat! ❤

  3. Lol! that was so cute! even i go through these mental diarrhea phases and scribble nonsense but yours is awesome!

  4. Ani

    wow……………………. jo ladki itni bate karti hai aur sabko khush rakhti hai…………. wo itni achchi poem bhi likhti hai……………….. bahut khub

  5. this is awesome zara..i never knew u have a blog..great going lush queen

  6. hehehe loved d last stanza 😀 n d mental diarrhea.. lolllll 😛

  7. That was so cute! 😀

  8. awww thts cute Zee. 😀
    but diarrhea 😛 lol!!!

  9. best line:you are the pigment to my Blush!!!!

  10. Jayant Morghade

    hahahaha…this cool….u are always ten on ten for me!!!!

  11. he he..a fun filled poetry..awesome.. 🙂

  12. Zara … itne aache poem likhte hai kee hum saab ko tere see pyar ho gaya hai … 😀 😀
    i mean we already loveeee you so much and this is another addition :d by reading your poem i feel like hugging you 😀 😀
    god bless you guys XOXO

  13. Nirah

    wah wah!!
    I jump every time I say something that rhymes. Think of all the calories I’d burn had I written this poem. 😀

  14. Moumita

    You are multifaceted. I strongly feel you should publish your collections as you look to live your desires!

  15. Nice poem, kiddo. And I agree with the others – at least self publish, if not going through a proper publisher.

    Keep writing!

  16. hheheh loved the poem 🙂 its cute ..a nice one after a heart breaking one .

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