First Love

Very recently, a good friend of mine got engaged and while reminiscing about the good ol’ days a huge gang of us girls started talking about our old crushes, loves and what not. Some eventually are still with the same person they fell in love with, and some found love again after a few bad experiences. The entire talk inspired me to write this poem, ad I dedicate this to all girls out here who carried a torch in their hearts for someone but never had the guts or the opportunity to express it.

This goes out to all the memories we carry for our pasts…


First Love

My first memory of you,
Wasn’t flattering at all.
You seemed to have such an attitude,
That tall frame and a lanky walk.
It was hate at first sight,
I felt nothing but disdain.
And to this date I cannot remember,
When that all began to change…
Was it that rainy day and that first bike ride?
When you offered to take me home?
Was it the tinkle of your laughter,
That seemed to turn my thoughts to foam?
I don’t remember when or how,
I started turning to you for help.
You were the first thought that struck me in the morning,
And the last one before I went to bed.
I tried to be what I thought you wanted,
Tried to tame myself.
I learnt humilty from you,
Leaving behind my attitude on a shelf.
Then the day came when I saw her,
And to this date I don’t know how…
In that flash I knew she was yours.
What was I to do now?
One day you told me about her,
And my doubts were confirmed at last.
Strangely enough I felt happy for you,
Even though my heart bled fast.
I hurt so much,
but not for you.
But for the girl inside me,
Who loved you so true.
I tried to listen to your stories about her.
Tried so much to be there with you,
I pasted a smile on my face while my heart was bleak,
And tried to be your friend thru and thru.
I’m sorry I couldn’t hold on longer,
I knew I would go mad otherwise.
I needed time to pull my self together,
Whether it took a year, or two, or five..
But I want you to know you’re still special to me,
And my first love you’ll always be.
You made me a better person thru and thru,
I’m proud of myself for have chosen you.
I pray you find happiness,
And that love accompanies you all the way.
I know I’ll always look upon those times with a smile,
And those moments when a glance at you brightened up my day..

**Disclaimer: All the poems and material on this blog are original and created by me. Pls donot copy them without checking with me first. Thanks.



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25 responses to “First Love

  1. upasana07

    😦 first love

  2. Mitra20

    I am not able to comment with my usual email id.. kya hua

  3. I know somebody who will fit into that poem and no its not me;)
    Btw, what’s with the tall and lanky frame?:/

  4. 😀 shucks u reminded me of my first crush!!1 Siiiigh!

  5. this is gr8 zara,its nice knowing this side of u…

    hey,i have tagged u
    hope u will enjoy doing it and wud love u knw u more…

  6. 1st crush leaves a lasting memory to be looked back..

    • seriously…its such a different when i think back to my first crush i wonder how just a glance cud have evoked such feelings..hehe…that time i never thought and now i analyze and over analyze… 😉

  7. Honestly girls! I don have anything to remember abt my 1st love..he never thought me anything and it was all bitter! The only relationship I appreciate and love is my current one. he is perfect, he has taught me manythings, with him i am complete. Bcoz of him I know what is true love like and the best part is v r meant to be togethr.My search is over with HIM. v r very happy together! Ooops.. N Zee.. I loved ur thoughts and the way u wrote it! Just that not my story 😛

  8. shale

    made me cry…. 😥

  9. tulips

    i had been in relationships before tops.. i thot it was luv but it wasnt it was infatuation,stupidy u can say. u can be in bad relationships in past but it needs just a single person to change everything,ur perception abt true love 🙂 wht i feel for tops i never felt for neone.. so he is my first n only love ❤ 🙂

  10. lovely!!!! u r brilliant zee….. so simple and so profound….

  11. Love it Zee 🙂
    Seriously you are such good with words.. I and I am saying this with so much depth 😀
    Love it Love it 🙂

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