Valuable Lessons learnt…All in a days work…

I had a very revealing experience yesterday..Actually, a string of experiences which made me realise sooo many things..They say we learn from each of our experiences right? Well, here’s what happened and what I learnt.

Yesterday I had a Doctors appointment at 3.30pm and had booked a rickshaw from a service provider to pick me up from work at 2.30pm. Right on schedule, I got th driver’s call and left work thinking I’d reach the hospital well in time and in comfort instead of catching a bus and sweating it out.

I sat in the auto and started off and to my horror we travelling about 5kms when something went awry and the auto driver told me that a gear wire had popped out and the vehicle couldn’t go on. He was sweet enough to call the vendors for an alternate vehicle but they didn’t have any at such short notice. Now do note that my office is in the suburbs which is nothing but a concrete jungle but without many transportation options around. So there we were..stuck in the middle of nowhere….in the blazing heat…

The auto driver said he knew how to fix the wire but it would take a minimum of half an hour. I was okay with it…well, it wasn’t like I had a choice right???

So there he went unloading his tools..And mind you, I had to stand outside the auto, in the heat because he needed to tilt the vehicle…Meanwhile, a couple of 6-seaters whizzed by…You’d think hey’d stop looking at a tilted auto with 2 people standing on the side of the road flailing their hands, wouldn’t you??? Well…WRONG! No1 did…No1 stopped and just stared at us and whipped past us…

Meanwhile the auto driver realised that it wasn’t just 1 wire which had broken…It was both! By this time it was 3.10pm. The hospital is a good 30mins away so I called them and informed them I’d be running late and would be there by 3.45pm. Thankfully they didnot object…

Lession learnt+ autorickshaw

The driver kept slogging away moving to and fro from the handle to the rear engine. A couple more auto wala’s drove past without stopping. I was a bit puzzled and the driver, looking at my expression said, ” Madam, yahan koi saga nahi hai..Hamre biradri wale bhi nahi ruk ke maddat karte..” Translated: Madam, no1 is genuine here…Our own people (the clan of autodrivers) dont stop and help…

I was so amazed and saddened…At the same time a thought struck me…We’d been stranded in the heat..but not once had I even asked the driver whether I could be of any help..It’s not that I thought it was beneath me…But it just never struck me! How sad?!?! And no1 else was stopping to help either…

Once I realised this, I asked him if I could help and he sheepishly said yes…All i had to do was hold the handle at neutral and not let go…So simple…And I hadn’t though to ask before, I hadn’t bothered..and had just let him toil away in the sun while I stood in a shade…

Good news? We got it fixed…Bad news? It was 4.15pm…I was sure my appointment would be cancelled by now…But the auto wala was frm..His exact words were, “Madam, aapne accha kaam kiya hai, kuch nahi hoga…Main aapko jaldileke chalta hoon.” Translated: Madam, you’ve done something good, nothing will happen…I’ll get you there quick…

True to his word, I was at the hospital in 15mins…Don’t ask me how! He drove like a maniac…an organized maniac…hehe…

And guess what? I did get to see my doctor. It seems she’d had to leave by 4pm but due to an emergency delivery she had to go for rounds and her appointments were still pending 🙂

What I learnt from this experience??

  • People you think are your friends and family may not always be able to come to your aid. It hurts…but let’s better in the long run..
  • Never hesitate to help anyone no matter the status. Treat everyone as you’d like to be treated yourself.
  • Never think you can’t help. Something as siple as listning to someone whine can make a difference.
  • What goes around, comes around…So if you do a good deed, you will be the recepient of good karma..It may take a while, but it will happen.

And the MOST important lesson???
I NOW KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE GEAR WIRING OF AN AUTO RICKSHAW..Will this skill come in handy??We’ll just have to see…



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36 responses to “Valuable Lessons learnt…All in a days work…

  1. Jayant Morghade

    😦 😦 😦

    one more lesson! – learn to drive! that will make you more independent!!!

    Otherwise am always there….though was not there only this time 😦 !!! My stupid boss!!! felt like _%#^*€~!!!!!

    Friends and family always come to help!!!!

  2. while i was reading this my heart was beating fast …. i am mailing you and no reply so i was like is everything okay with Zara ??? …..
    that auto wala was so true nobody stops yaar to help even if they see a lady or a kid with her …. this is life Zara …

    i hope you get my mail honey pls reply when you are okay XOXO D:

    • Yep..true…i was so surprised that even the other autos dint stop to help him…felt worse when even i dint ask!…i guess the first step is to help ppl ourselves….

  3. why am i not able to comment aarrammm se 😦

    Zee life is like this 😦 i can relate to so many things..

    • Tanz als had the same prob last night…i think koi server issu hoga…tupsi also commented afterwards so i think its resolved…hopefully 😉

      i kno takes all kindsa ppl to make the world…lekin yaar being in a deserted area if no1 helps..its horrible! itna to humanity honi chahiye na logon ko?

  4. tulips

    isnt dis common situation common in our country.. i had accident in ngp..grad days. every1 flocked around to c n den went away..nobody asked tht can we call a rickshaw for u 😦
    hehe atleast now u knw to change d gear wire :-p

    • wot?!?! that happened to u?? u poor thing Tups! how did u manage then?

      haan..ab to samajh gaya….aur main auto ko ulta bhi kar sakti hu 😉 😉

      • tulips

        heehe 😛 mera auto ult gaya tha..tumne toh nahi kiya tha na 😛 i had to call up a frnd..bechara stayed 30 min away..but reached dere in 10 min :-0 he took me to hospital..yea sab final pracs ke previous day par.. meko lagta hai m prone to accidents..iske baad scooty skid ho gayi thi 😀

  5. wow… totally agree to all your lessons learn’t.. plus there’s another one i’d like to add…everything happens for a reason and though the reason maynot be obvious to us right now, it’ll become clear in due course of time 🙂

    great post Zee and am a new follower 😉

  6. tulips

    heehe 😛 mera auto ult gaya tha..tumne toh nahi kiya tha na 😛 i had to call up a frnd..bechara stayed 30 min away..but reached dere in 10 min :-0 he took me to hospital..yea sab final pracs ke previous day par.. meko lagta hai m prone to accidents..iske baad scooty skid ho gayi thi 😀

  7. Kapil Kaisare

    Nicely written!

  8. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Btw, try not to use your skill since it will only be a repeat telecast of some similar episode and why don’t you learn how to drive? At least musibat mein chala lo iske liye toh seekho!

    • ermm…m a scaredy cat..i cant even drive a bike…i hav a license n all..but the min a bigger vehicle goes past me, i freak out and drive to the side of the road and fall with all my borya bistar 😦 😦

  10. Nirah

    Did you tan?
    I know off topic 😛

    Coming to the topic, I hate driving. Every time husband tries to hand me the keys I remind him he promised to chauffeur me life long…:P
    I think one of these days I will get it in writing, he is getting selective amnesia these days 😛

    • I did…like crazy that too!! my skin was hot for more than an hour after…

      My hubs made the same promise too…He still does it…but I don’t think he’s as willing as he was b4 😉

  11. novicemakeup

    well, i cant drive too and hubs is always on my back for that one…

    my learning was that zee visited a gynecologist… ahem ahem…. 🙂

  12. novicemakeup

    well, I don;t drive and my hubs is always on my back for tat one… i can imagine how very frustrating it gets when public transport is not available…. by the way, learning was that zee went to a gynecologist… ahem ahem… shud we expect mithai soon?

  13. Lovely post Zara, this is the very 1st time am visiting ur site, I agree it hurts when at times humans forget humanity, I had come across an accident in which a guy was lying on the road in a militay area(sappers) nr holkar bridge, he had met wid an accident, i was passing by n stopped n went ahead to pick up that guy, I sat on the road trying to revive him but he was dead, there was a crowd of more than 200 people but only one school girl helped me pick him up as I tried all ways n means to revive him, then called hospital, his family n police, ek aunty boli aree ladki utha rahi hai madat toh karo then sum one asked ki aapke pahechan wale hain kya, I felt so bad….to help a human u have to be related to him/her is it…I came home covered in blood n wept for 2-3hrs… couldnt sleep for next 3 days after that incident…. felt ashamed to be a human, had someone helped a lil earlier he mite be alive….niways sorry didnt mean to get carried away…..well to sum it up just go n help dont hesitate even for a moment….be it helping senior citizens get a rickshaw, be it casually njoying ice-cream wid the street kids….be it helping an accident victim or anything for that matter…….just do it….we all are humans before anything else…..TC

    • priyanka, thats such a sincere and humane thing to do…most of the time no1 luks twice at anyone lying on the road…once my dad tripped and fell and ppl walked passed him but no1 thought to help him up….such things r so disheartening..

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