Bootie Babe Nail Polish Giveaway on

Hi Everyone! Anyone who follows me, Mansi, Kejal or Nirah on Twitter would definitely aware of how obsessed we (okay, I) have been obsessed with the Bootie Nail Polishes she got and reviewed here.


The moment I saw those pastel an colorful booties (think pure ppl), I’ve been lemming for them and now finally Emm along with Bootie Babe Cosmetics are hosting a Nail Polish Giveaway! Yeeyyyyy!!!

Awesome isnt it???..Check out the link here.


So whatcha waiting for?? Go check it out!



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20 responses to “Bootie Babe Nail Polish Giveaway on

  1. Nirah

    you waito main bhi karke aati hoon 😛
    I think Emm will give you +5 if you make a poem out of it 😉

  2. Gosh! itna confusion??? wot r u doin now?

  3. Umm now that I think about it…even mehak’s blog has a blog roll with no picture. Anyway, I will make a WP a/c soon to help you people out;) or you can move to blogger!

    • yea…A had also asked me to open the blog on blogger…she even created one for me..but at d same time my bro started thisfr me and emotionally blackmailed me to use this…and the funniest part is…i prbably dunno how to use either!

      oh pls do that! any help will b sooooooooooooo appreiated!

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