Have you watched Kahani yet?

Hey Guys..

Yesterday being Sunday and a weekend at that calls for some fun and laughs…What did I do?? I had a wonderful day out..traditional Kolhapuri lunch followed by 2 back to back movies and dinner from McD.. Sheer Bliss!

As for which movies I watched..I saw Kahani (yes, I’m probably one of the last few) and Agent Vinod (one of the unfortunate first few?)vidya-balan-kahani_200

Kahani doesn’t require any introduction or brief from my end I think…It’s not just a movie but an experience in itself. Vidya’s (or should I say Bidda) performance was right on the money and this kind of perfection is what we all have come to expect from her. She didnot disappoint in any scene and I’m amazed at how she waddled around so realistically..and so fast. It was quite a change from the slow and delicate gait our on-screen diva’s have mastered or the unrealistic hop-skip and jump routine we were privy to in Salaam Namaste coutesy Preity Zinta. She made for a very cute preggie but not in a million years can we imagine a lady in such advanced stages of pregnancy to hop so franatically in real life! Vidya Balan’s easy style of dialogue delivery was another one of the highlights along with her easy facial movements. It was a treat to watch her expressions shift so easily from laughter to intense to disbelief…Truly amazing!

What’s more…every single actor in the movie was a natural..Parambrata Chatterjee was fabulous in his portrayal of a newbie and a sincere policeman. His expressions while being coerced into picking locks for ‘Bidda Madam’ or while developing a crush on her are so genuine that it’s possible to forget that one’s watching a movie…His look of absolute awe whenever Vidya is in the room is so real and applaud worthy..It isn’t easy to pull off such a look Β and so realistically.rana

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s (Khan) character was well thought of, but perhaps could have been better written. His dialogue delivery was flawless…the brash and dominating behaviour, his willingness to forgoe ethics and sacrfice one for the future of millions…all of it was perfect.

Also, a point worth mentioning is the picturization of Kolkata. The entire movie is like a tribute to Kolkata and the little nitty gritties that make the city what it is…the humidity, the lazy trams, the bright yellow taxi’s, brick houses, the hustle bustle of the metros and so many other points which I can’t even begin to explain. The entire thing left me with an urge to visit the city atleast once to breathe in life, the land and the essence of what makes Kolkata so special…220px-Traffic_in_Kolkata

What I loved about it:

  • Every actor was in character and you could feel every emotion they were feeling.
  • Picturization was fabulous.
  • Music went hand in hand with the scenes it accompanied. No song or background music seemed out of place.
  • The script is extremely well written and the economy of words is applause worthy

Have you watched this movie? What were your thoughts about it?



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16 responses to “Have you watched Kahani yet?

  1. and how can u forget the merciless Bob Biswas! it was hell of a movie…I sincerely hope Vidya (oops Bidda Madam) bags all the awards this year too for such a worthy film πŸ™‚

  2. tulips

    i loved loved d movie..it was a treat to watch.. all d actors were outstanding n vidya no words.. she is a genuine actress.. standing ovation to her ❀
    u come to kolkata, inform me beforehand. i will take u on a tour :* πŸ™‚

  3. jayantpmorghade

    Well written!!! you are magical with your words!!!

    Always add a line in the end – “All opinions and views expressed are my own” and source of the images you have used. they can be copyrighted!!! πŸ™‚

  4. upasana07

    noooo i haven’t 😦 😦

  5. I loved the movie, saw it twice as you know.. after a long time there is a bollywood movie I can recommend aaram se to all..

  6. i’ve seemn it Zee. n as u said absolutely loved every single thing abt it. ❀ the actors, the acting, direction….n kolkata of course. πŸ˜‰ Param was so good na….he was a treat to watch n Vidya is my fav actress since the time of parineeta only. luv her. πŸ˜€

  7. Finally I got to comment πŸ˜›
    I loved the movie, the way Kolkatta city is shown, was taken away by the sweetness of the people. the treatment of the story is fab and every character lived upto the expectation. although I had almost guessed the ending…. πŸ˜›

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