TAGGED! : Makeup Collection & Storage :)

Deeps from Divassence, tagged me here on her tag post for Makeup Collection and Storage. I was a bit unsure and frankly a bit worried of being labelled a ‘show-off’ but then again, this I know is super helpful for those looking for storage options. I recall I had such a  hard time while organizing my stash and it took me a long time to find the right storage containers. Some advice and pics would have been really helpful. I still think I have a long way to go and keep hunting for better organizers and love this Tag Series for all the KSS I’ll be getting…I’m happy I get to contribute too! Thanks Deeps for tagging me! 
Here’s a few points before we begin:
  1. All the products and organizers seen have been bought myself apart from a few items gifted to me. I’m neither showing off nor bragging so please don’t jump to negative conclusions.
  2. I’m a compulsive organizer (my vanity only though)  and admit that some areas are a bit messy at the moment. But I’m perennially on the hunt for better organizers and hope to have a neater set-up soon. Any advice and tips are welcome.
  3. This is a makeup collection and storage tag so I won’t be going into details of skincare. I’ll just attach a few pics if possible but will be sticking to the highlight… Makeup!! 🙂
  • Every person getting tagged has to show the makeup they own, it doesn’t matters if you own a few or hoard a lot. The main motive is to share storage ideas.
  • The person getting tag can tag a minimum of 3 fellow bloggers, and max as they wish
  • You have to show “All” makeup stuff you’ve got.. no hide-n-seek allowed
  • Don’t forget to mention how do you store your products.
  • Last but not the least, you can include your skin care products too if you want.
So here goes…This is what my vanity looks like… I bought it right before my wedding and it was the only piece was furniture I selected alone. I’d gone hunting for a dining table and saw this 🙂 Love at first sight it was!
My vanity + vanity + makeup storageMy Vanity (I love it!) 🙂
The lighting isn’t too good in my vanity area, especially where the lower 4 drawers are concerned. So, I’ve removed 1-2 tubs from there and taken pictures separately to give you a base idea. But here’s a rough idea of what goes where:
My vanity + vanity + makeup storage+ details
On the top, I keep my liner stand, bangles, everyday skincare stuff and perfumes/ deos, Moisturizer & night cream, makeup remover, etc. here…basically stuff I use on a daily basis. I’m too lazy to open drawers everytime I need a single article so I keep these ready at hand. 
My vanity + vanity + makeup desk
The makeup tower organizers are my most recent find. They are actually 2 Letter organizers I picked up from Landmark for about INR 1500 each. I know its a bit on the pricier side, but I was desperate for something neat and clean. They can be kept separately but I have stacked them since I find this more convenient. The body is not metallic like it seems..Its all Plastic with acrylic see through drawers. The top 3 drawers are more on the shallow side, but the last drawer is deep and tall enough to store larger items of makeup.  
makeup tower + makeup storage
I’ll be going through this tower from the top and here’s an idea of how I segregate them:
Drawer 1: Combs, LipBalms & Scrubs, Sample Sachets, Moisturizer, Foundation, TM, Concealor.
skincare storage + acrylic drawer setThose are my foundation in the front, lipbalms to the top right and concealors strewn all about.
Drawer 2: BrushesBrush storage + acrylic drawer set
It looks a bit messy but believe me this is actually in order
I know brushes are usually kept upright in stands, but there’s alot of construction going on in my area and somehow dust always gets in. even when I wipe the vanity in the morning, by evening there’s a fine layer of dust. Hence I keep my brushes in one of these drawers to keep them dust-free. I keep the face brushes to the left and the eye brushes to the right, Brushes which I don’t use are kept horizontally at the back.
Drawer 3: Here are my eye shadows which are not in larger palettes. I know there aren’t too many but I’m just learning and stick to shades I can wear on a daily basis…I also keep my painpot and other bases in this section.
eyeshadow storage + acrylic drawer setThis is the pic I took before I realised I hadn’t added the rest of my bases
Drawer 4: This is my first Blush drawer (yes the first 🙂 ). I usually arrange them brandwise and by type so it makes it easier for me to find them. For eg, NYX Mosaic blushes on the extreme right in the front followed by the cream blushes. Or the MAC Mineralize blushes first towards the front on the extreme left followed by the others. I thought of having tinier bins inside this drawer to further organize but then thought that would just be overkill and left it alone…What do you think?
Blush storage + makeup storageBlush Drawer No.1
Drawer 5 & 6: I keep all my lipsticks in these 2 drawers. I usually have all my lipsticks stacked together by brand but not necessarily all high end brands  or drugstore ones together.  For me it’s all about how I manage to fit them all together. Alot of us store our lipsticks upside down in boxes, but I don’t have that kind of space. Moreover, I like storing them horizontally since my mind recognizes them better this way and I know exactly which lipstick is where.
lipstick storage + acrylic drawer set + makeup storageLipsticks
lipstick storage + acrylic drawer setMore Lipsticks!!!
Drawer 7: This is where I keep my compact & finishing powders and all other eye stuff. So, my mascara’s, gel/cream liners, brow kit and lash curlers go in here. I also keep all the gel liner brushes in the same drawer so I don’t have any problem locating them.
My vanity + vanity + makeup storage+ mascaraMy Finishing Powder, Compact, Mascaras, Gel Liners and brushes 🙂
Drawer 8: I have the rest of my blushes here. It may seem a little messy but there’s a method to my madness… To the left are all the Contour powders, bronzers and highlighters. These are all random and not arranged by brand. To the other side, I store the rest of my blushes which have a different shape in this drawer as well. Too Faced, Maybelline, TheBalm, Inglot cream blushes….all these babies go in here…Towards the rear, I have the tinier blush palettes from Pop Beauty, Meylon and Smashbox.
My vanity + blush storage + makeup storage+ detailsBlush Drawer No.2
Apart from this, I also keep my other liners (pencil & liquid) in this sectioned pencil holder. I keep the blacks and browns together, greens to one side and blues and purples on the other. the section in the front hold my liquid liners, kajal, sindoor, and lip concealor. I hook my tweezer also onto this in the front 🙂 This stand has a very wide section in the back and when I keep liners they topple over each other so I keep my Z Palette and my MAC blush palette in there for easy reach.
liner stand + eyeliners + makeup storageMy liner stand….The 2 palettes in the back are my MAC blush palette and the Z Palette where I keep my Inglot Blushes
Here are some palettes I have. I don’t use these too often and keep them inside one of the drawers stacked against the side. Alot of people stack them in a CD case or even in a file stacker. But since I don’t use them that often so I don’t keep it out to collect dust.
My Blush palettes (the contouring palette broke and 2 of the main shades were lost….clumsy me! 😦  )
Blush Palettes + makeup storageMy Blush Palettes ( the contour and blush is broken..waahhhh!!!)
My 2 Coastal Scents palettes
eyeshadow palettes +makeup storageMy Coastal Scents Palettes
One is the 88warm palette and the other is the 26 palette which has 21 eyeshadows and 5 blushes.
This ends the makeup part of things. Here are some pics of other random things I have and how I’ve stored them in the larger drawers…
My Facepack tray
I got this tray from a local shop. It’s the most common kind of trays around and ideal for storage. 
Face packs vanity + makeup storageMy numerous face packs
Body Lotions and Perfumes, and hair accessories. I keep my J&J baby wipes here as well.
Body care drawer+ storage + acrylic drawer set
My Soaps and Lush Stuff
Lush soulflower drawer + bath storage

Nail Polishes and Nail care items
I store these upside down in a plastic storage box with divisions. I used to keep my blushes in this before since it used to help hold them upright..but then I ran our of space 🙂 Now though, I’m actually planning to shift the nail stuff to those tiny plastic drawer organizers…Let’s see…That may be my weekend project 🙂
nails + nail paints + nail art + storageMy NPs and Nail Art stuff…I forgot to add the stamping plates tho..
Hope you liked this and think this was useful in giving you an idea of how to organize your space.  🙂 Any suggestions and advice would be welcome.
Also for some extra tips, heck out Upsi’s storage ideas on here on her blog MakeupmyPassion
And here are the lovelies I’d like to tag 🙂


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109 responses to “TAGGED! : Makeup Collection & Storage :)

  1. upasana07

    wah bhaaabbbbbbssssssssssssssssssssss !! mazaa aa gya 😀 i soo want a vanity like this whr i have huge drawers having containers like this 😀 😀 i’m sooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooo lovin ech n every pic !! droooolll 😀

  2. whoa this is breathtaking!! amazing how you remain so organised, girl!

  3. deepikam

    OMG!!!! Im in heaven.. You are so organized Z!! Love your vanity!!! btw where did you get the 32 blush palette!! i want to get that one!!! 😀 and Im sooo jealous of your blush collection!! 😛

    • haha!!! thankies Deeps! i luv it too….and m organized only when it comes to my vanity…otherwise m such a mess i tell u!

      the 32 blush palette i got from ebay…ill check and see if i can find a link…i got it in perfect condition widout any cracks 🙂

      haha! i knew ud comment on the blushes..infact u were on my mind the entire time! did u get d hiccups?

      • deepikam

        hehehe.. naaaayyy… but lemme tell you the moment i saw the post i scrolled down to see where the blushers were 😛 and my jaw dropped! send me the link if you find it.. i so badly want to get that one.. or even the other one! thats from CS na??

    • nothing else really…the only other stuff is jewellery n accessories….all makeup n skin care is in this vanity.. 🙂 its super spacious that way 🙂

  4. erica7in

    I am not doing my make up tag post.. U guys have a hugeeeeeee stash out there And Zee I don even have 1 % of what U have,.. I seriously seriously seriously.. LOVED UR DRESSING ..Each n everything out there.. I soooooooo wish even I had that but again *sigh*

    Sorry gals m not doing this post.. plz untag me 😥

    • awww….nooo!!! don’t not do it! its fun re…its not about how much we hav but how we organize it all…..pls do it otherwise ill feel so bad!!

      • upasana07

        exactly bhabs, its not bout how much v have.. the idea was to knw how v cn store effectively.. i’m feeling bad y did i put up the tag post.. 😦

        • awww…its a gr8 idea ups..i wish someone had done it earlier…wud have saved me alot of headaches…

          see ric? now even ups feels bad….aise mat karo!

          • deepikam

            we told Ric that Z but she dint listen to us.. this post is only to see how each of organize our makeup so that we get ideas to organize ours efficiently .. that was the whole purpose..

            • seriously…its like a helping hand with some fun involved…now m feeling bad for doing this post… 😦

              • deepikam

                nobody needs to feel bad!! lets all be happy! 😀 Ric will be fine by tomo morning otherwise we’ll all make sure she is fine 🙂 btw now i know approx how many blushers you have so ill plan which one i want first during my wedding 😛 5 min change of blush! im making a PoA! 😀

              • upasana07

                bhabs she’ll be fine 😀 i knw she cant get upset cz this is gonna help her only in future 😀 😀 i knw :* this has given me a clear concept of what i want for my marriage *blush* 😛

              • upasana07

                deeps wts d approx.count ?? 😀 me too wana hv idea 😉 😛

              • haha! i pity Vince…he’ll hardly have u around!

              • i really hope she gets fine….m almost scared to ping her on BB !

              • upasana07

                oh n i forgot to praise that huge chic mirror bhabs ! 😀 😀 ts plain and simple 😉 i lykzzz ittzzzzz 😉

              • deepikam

                approx 90 upsi (exc the mac palette and the other palettes 😛 ) Z!! Vincent can stand all alone.. i dont care but i want all these blushes!! 😉

              • pls koi count mat karo…i go jump somewhere!

              • upasana07

                i wud hv beeen proud of myself bhabs if i had such a diverse and selected collection !! 🙂 this ain’t smthng to feel bad.. i’m sure u had headache’s while searching for right stuff n shopping n arranging na 🙂 ..

              • OMG!! Deeps u really counted????

                poor Vince…give him some time too!

              • nana upsi…i neva hav headaches while arranging makeup…bad i get headaches while organizing the rest of d house! 😉

      • erica7in

        Hahahahhaaa…. Bahot mazaaaaaaa aaya FOOTAGE khaa ke…
        lolzzz… *m feeling bad* lolzzzzzz… caughtchyaaa 😛 😛
        M fine guys mein toh aise hi mazeee loot rahi thi.. 😛
        Zee ur collection is superb I mussay *drooling*…dekhna 1yr k andar andar *inshallah* mere paas iska DOUBLE hoga 😀 😀

        • baap re! tune to dara diya Ric!!! i was feelin so guilty!! muaahh!!!

          inshallah ki to zarurat hi nahi..i know ul hav triple the stuff within no time at all!!! ur Ric baby!!!

  5. Awesome! I’m totally into using acrylic storage for my products, like to see what I have and it gives a clean and minimalistic impression! 🙂

  6. tulips

    oh my goddddddd.. i died n went to heaven 😀 i dont own 0.5% of wht u have n even m so messy 😛 i will churaofyn ur organization ideas.. n i will be drooling over ur wall now *drool* 😀

    • hehe! Glad m able to help Tupsi jaan!!! it doesnt matter how much u have…just that u enjoy them the best! 🙂 which i know u do! without u id never have known how gud clinique is!

      • tulips

        hehe tht i do.. i luv each n everything i have 😛 aww nething for ur janu.. jaldi se clinique will open dere den u try deir products *happydance* 😀

  7. such a beautiful Vanity…..Zee..beware any one can bang your door and take away all these things..

  8. Hey Z, thx for the tag… 🙂 let me see when can I do it………….with my toddler son, it would be difficult, my vanity is now my sons plaything…..keeps on messing around the house…….Do u have any kids?

  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god … oh my god … its 1.00 in night and i just came abck from movie and why did i opened this ??? i will go mad and will not sleep i guess … will come again in morning Zara … if i will be alive …. i swareeee this is ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ok let me send my baby to your house … will write more in morning

    • oohh! which movie u went for Rash???

      haha! m glad u liked this…lekin m sure tere stash ke saamne this must b nothing…ekdum baby wala stash hoga mera 🙂 agar tu ye use karti to tere lippies se hi mpura drawer set bhar jata 😉 😉


  10. I’m sooooooooooooooooooo jealous!

    • haha!! it just seems like alot of coz of the storage…otherwise seriously alot of us have almost the same amt but strewn about in diff part of d house 😉 the only excess i admit to is d blushes 🙂

  11. Oh man tats a lot of makeup..phew the blush drawer looks like it is bursting..I like the idea of those drawers..going to hunt for them too…me don’t have a vanity table at all because of Aarushi..have to keep them in a cupboard 😦

    • Blush hai..aur Zara hai…to aisi halat hogi hi na 😉

      haan….with a kid u hav t keep things safe…and that too with a kid who loves her mumma’s makeup! 😉

  12. hahaahha nooo not at all … Zara …. am 34 yr old yaar … and now i use makeup you guys are toh ekdum fast forward … but am not joking … on serious note : i lovedddd how you gave organized this and just now dev went and i opened this again … you know few min back i was arranging something as i know i have to do a tag and dev came inside asking : are you counting ?? i said noooo i am organizing hahhahah 😀 and you know now i have to make my stash neat and clean and then i will do the tag in 2 – 3 days 😀 and seriously i lhuuvvvvvooveeee you for this … so tidy baby loads of hugs and kisses for being so organized , i hate when i see something messy , idont include me as I have son with whome i share my room …. so i have all the liberty for being messy hahahaha
    and one thing , i told you na i will not be able to sleep …. wahi hooaa … i was like from where did she picked those white drawers ?? now am glad to see it is from landmark , little costly but i will save some money and buy it 😀 we watched houseful 2 … just to change the mood XOXO 😀 ahhhhh such a longgg comment 😀

    • upasana07

      m xcited to see ana’s an ur stash di 😀 😀 i wanna learn so much hw u guys store 🙂 🙂

    • age se kya hota hai re…with the looks u churn out, ur better than a 26yr old like me! thats proof enuff 😉 😉

      m sooo loking forward t seeing how u organize stuff..all ur advice in the past has been spot on and m sure this time too ill learn more from u 🙂

      • ahhahah Zaraaa …. you wont believe … anmol was so confused that how come am in his room whole day …. i opened my laptop nowww .. can you imagine i didnt do anything whole day … will send you one pics jaldi se and then do the tag on mon hahahah god i dont believe you did this again … rem last time also you asked me and i spent whole day in this … but i need to mail you and ask something … will do it right away 😀 😀 … main thakkkk gayeee Zaraaa

  13. Nafisa

    Zaraaaaa….am speechless!!! Uve done a super-amazing-awesome job at organizing ur stash. N i ADORE that dresser!

  14. Nafisa

    oh…i also like ur LED light. Never thought of using it for make-up. i gues i shud try now 🙂

  15. Kejal

    :O I am completely zonked out with the amount of makeup u own!! More comments when I recover from the shock!! (Faints!!)

  16. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.. itte saare blushes to hai hi, but itte saare lippies and itte saare glosses??? WOW WOW WOW

  17. awesomeness zara…im totally blown away with the way you have organized ur stuff…i too have quite a bit of makeup myself…looks like i would be referring your post when i get down to organize my stuff…..

    • m glad this helps gunmeen…i remember how confused i used t be about organizing..infact b4 i had the acrylic organizer i was even messier….this is a gr8 idea to arrange ur spce 🙂 pls do let me kno how u organize ur stuff…maybe share a few pics 🙂

  18. mitra20

    Zee you have an astonishing vanity !! You can open a makeup parlour !! And i hate you !!

    I died !!

  19. mitra20

    Hawwww….i’m in awe of it!!! Zee tumne toh meri bolti bandh kardi. Hats off to your passion for blushes girl..

  20. oh my my..i m in heaven right???tyyyy so much zara for showing this…u rememeber,i always asked u to show ur makeup on wiseshe….i m thrilled and ya in loss of words..but trulyyy u r a makeup queen…ur vanity is soooo amazing….

  21. paritashah26

    OMG Zara!! this is freakin awesome! This is the best possible vanity i have ever seen in reality! seriously gal its amazing! you are such an organized person! of course I know u have lots of blushes..i only have 3 and still most of the times cant find them that too in just one single drawer ..LOL 😀
    btw I have so many questions for you and I hope you dont shoot me for asking but it will be a BIG help for me as I am trying to organize my makeup products and going nuts over it! Previously i never needed any vanity storage but since last one yr I have started using makeup and now i am a big mess 😦 ok first things’ first from where did you get this vanity storage?? I too want it and want it desperately..was it Pune? pls say its Pune and i’ll get it today itself!!
    Also loved loved those pink and white boxes with drawers! From where did you get it? coz those two itself stores most of the products so neatly! I am also looking for a good pencil holder for my eye liners and makeup brushes..any suggestions? ok finally that light! what is it and from where did you get it? in my house also the lighting is very poor 😦 does this light help?
    Sorry for the longest comment 😦
    Once again..best vanity ever!!! God Bless!

    • hehe! believe me Pari, this vanity is the ONLY organized part of my room…seriously…otherwise I am one heck of a messy person 😉 i know ya….even i started getting more into makeup only in the past 2yrs and thats y even my stash has increased…and organization becomes a prob…thank god i got this stuff to organize…

      u can ask as many ques as ud like dear…i kno wots its like to want to organize and be confused..ill be glad t help.. here r the answers..

      1. yeps, the vanity is from Pune…I got it from a furniture store in Aundh but m not sure of the name. Its the one next to McDonalds and there r 2 furniture stores in the bldg….i got this from the upstairs wala one for about 9k.
      2. For the pencil holder u can go to any stationery store…for eg Venus shud also have alot of file holders u can choose from. Try to always get sectioned ones so u can divided the liners as per color.
      3. for brushes if u want t keep them outside then u can get a pencil holder as well. the clear ones look prettier and u can fill it up with beads or colored rice so it luks nice on the outside too. plus it will give ur brushes a gud hold.
      4. The LED lamp is nothing but a study lamp bought from a electrical store. alway ensure u get one with a flexi neck so u can turn it as u wish. at my place my vanity is in an area where there r no lights so i dont have an option.but if u can, u can also get lights fitted on the mirror tp make things look better.

      hope this helps 🙂

      • paritashah26

        Thank you soooooooooooooo much Zara for your quick reply! You’re such a doll Muaah..yup i know furniture store in aundh..i used to stay there since last 4 yrs! gonna visit today evening only and check out if they have any other good vanity options! sorry but no idea about Venus stationary store 😦 but will def out other shops..regarding those white letter organizers..where can i get them in Pune? you’ve mentioned you got those from landmark..where is it exactly?
        Thank you!

      • paritashah26

        Thank you soooooooooooooo much Zara for your quick reply! You’re such a doll Muaah..yup i know furniture store in aundh..i used to stay there since last 4 yrs! gonna visit today evening only and check out if
        they have any other good vanity options! sorry but no idea about Venus stationary store 😦 but will def out other shops..regarding those white letter organizers..where can i get them in Pune? you’ve mentioned you got those from landmark..where is it exactly?
        Thank you!

        • heyy! u used t stay in aundh?? now whereabou do u stay? i wish u were still in aundh…we cud have met up sooo many times 🙂

          Landmark is the bookstore…u must have gone there..they have 2-3 branches…one in SGS mall on MG Road, then one in Phonix mall as well…they have a stationery section where u can get this stuff..pencil holders r also there but not much f a vareity…

          venus is a spl.stationery store…its there in ABC as well as on FC road…u know the galli after vaishali na? its there 🙂 ul get N number of options there 🙂

  22. This is so tidy!!!! I love the stuff you have and you know, I own only a fraction of the stuff:D makes me feel frugal, to say the least:P

  23. Nirah

    OH MY GOD!!! Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  24. nidhi

    do you know..you have 4 times more stuff then me. 😦 , but you stored it so nicely.

  25. nidhi

    even my avtar is going green 🙂

  26. Wooo. Rivals our warehouse. We can open a warehouse at Pune now. What say?

  27. Haha. Sure. Would love to 🙂

  28. christina

    Zarrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SAIBA BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like worth more than my dowry!!! You have to keep this is in a locker. You see that pink little storage that you have with the tag that says ‘ STUFF I DON’T USE’ well that is about all that I have. Ok so I finally found you’re blog too along with Upasanas. Intersting…I have to show this to my husband. He’s complaining bout my little box….see ya at wise she.

  29. Bee

    woww love dthe storage ideas 🙂 I’m going to be either moving or re-organizing soon so this will so come handy 🙂

  30. Ani

    superb………… gr8 collection 🙂

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