The Versatile Blog Award

Yey! Yey! Yey!!! My very 1st Blog Award!!!! I’m soooo Happy!!

A Huge THANK YOU to Tanmayee from Celebrating Feminity nominated me for this Award and I’m sooo stoked to get this…


1. Thank the person who has nominated you and shout out loud.
2. Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers.
3. State 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Post the award pic on your wall.

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7 Random Facts About Myself.

  • Contrary to what alotta people think, I am a total bookworm and love books alot more than I love makeup

  • I used to stammer as a child and still do at times when I’m excited or nervous

  • I always make it a point to treat others exactly how I’d like to be treated
  • My anger never lasts long and I never hold a grudge for long. Max I can stay angry for about 2-3days…not more.

  • I like cooking but don’t love it. I can’t eat food I make and don’t mind eating the food made by my mom for the rest of my life.

  • The only organized space in my home is my vanity 🙂
  • I have a wish to learn belly dancing…I know, I know, it’s a funny one…but I’ve always fantasized about it 🙂 A girl can dream can’t she??

Finally,  here’s the list of lovely Bloggers I’m awarding AKA tagging for this Award.

  1. A from wiseshe
  2. Sam from isimplylovemakeup
  3. Dr.Neeraj from beautytraveller
  4. Tapaswini from realbeautywithtaps
  5. Phil from drpoisonivy
  6. Vaishnavi from aonecentlife
  7. Kej from nailartandthings
  8. Rash from IndyaBeauty
  9. Emm from circular-in-sanity
  10. Pavani from megaliving


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13 responses to “The Versatile Blog Award

  1. Nirah

    Lets take those belly dance classes together. And also Salsa. 😉
    No seriously!
    Same to same about cooking. Moms do some magic to most mundane stuff. Sigh!

    • m always ready Nee….m wana learn so badly…but the moment i express my iccha to learn everyone around me laughs 😦 😦 only u understand my umaangein! 😉

      I luv moms cooking ya…i cant stand my own food and shove it down my throat just coz i have to..when i go to moms i gorge as if ive neva eaten!

  2. Nirah

    Oho *thunk*
    congratulations 😀

  3. Kejal

    thank u Zee Thank u!!!

  4. even I like reading books………….same pinch!! loved it z:)

  5. Zee…when u planning to try belly dancing..i would love to see u in that…loved reading the post.

  6. upasana07

    congrats bhabs 😀 😀 even i passed on an award to u 🙂 u missed it i guess 😦

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