Blissful BEYU!

If anyone had told me 1 year back that I’d be going bonkers for nail polishes, I’d have smirked and laughed at their ridiculous prediction. Rather, I’d have them certified and thrown into a padded cell! But then something happened (imagine thunder n lightening) and this girl walked in from the fog (more like smog considering our pollution rates) and nothing was ever the same for me again..beyu nailpolish

Incase none of you have guessed, it was Kejal from Nailartandthings. She painted her way into my life and turned me into a nail-maniac. And how can I forget Emm from Circular Insanity and Nee from PresentPerfect who keep taunting and tempting me on Twitter with talks of different NPs and gumdrops and Happi’s!!! Β So it really can’t be a surprise that in a fit of sheer lust, I grabbed 7 Beyu Nail Polishes from nail polish

These Nail Polishes come in a variety of shades and cost INR249 but are currently available for INR 149.4 each…cool right? You can check out the shades here. I find it weird and irritating that the shades only have numbers and no names…Why do brands do this??? Whats the logic?? If they can’t name shades, just give us the samples! We’ll help…for free πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

beyu nail

I got shade numbers (L to R):

BEYU NAIL LACQUER 322 Concrete Grey Creme
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 309 Deep chocolate with a tinge of red (Creme)
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 156 Duochrome Skin Coral
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 264 Pearly Rose Pink
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 373 Pearly White with a tinge of Pink

beyu nail polishes

The bottles are kinda small (8ml) and here’s how they compare with other NPs in terms of size. I don’t mind though since I get tired of the same colors and this quite suites my Get-Bored-Soon attitude.beyu nail paint

So, I got these 2 days after placing my order and I find this really cool. I have shopped from MedplusBeauty and couple of times and they have never disappointed me ever! You guys rock!!


Swatches will be coming soon!! So stay tuned!



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34 responses to “Blissful BEYU!

  1. I would really like to blame KJ too:P But I bought one of these at 211 and I hated myself when they went down to 149 so I bought some more;)

  2. lovely haul Zee… me waiting for my orly n kleancolor polishes… :))

  3. They look like Zoya nailpolishes to me πŸ˜› …

  4. lovely haul….i am following u ….if u like it follow me back…

  5. Kejal

    Haha!! thank u Zee!! I will take that as a compliment :p
    And I dont curse u! Not always! πŸ˜€

  6. LOL!! Zee I cant stop laughing over this! Ur hubby must be soo abusing if blushes werent u collect nps πŸ˜€

  7. xuvious

    I find it very interesting when make up brands have ditto packaging. Same manufacturer and less price perhaps? If beyu is as good as Zoya, I might just try it out too πŸ˜‰
    Nice choice of shades, I like the glitter one πŸ™‚

  8. mitra20

    Haha..i knew Kejal was the one who corrupted you…lol

  9. lovely haul Zara πŸ™‚ med plus beauty is also good na…… πŸ™‚ BTW, thx for liking my page dear πŸ™‚

  10. want to see it on your nails right now..innaa badda collection:P

  11. panushwari

    I just bought a Beyu lipstick. Hope it works out well for me.

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