Want a Mint???

In my previous post you read about the GOSH nail polishes I got through Kejal (or rather her husband). And since I’ve been ordered by the Tweet-Clan, here i am with the swatches for the GOSH nail polish in MISS MINTY.

GOSH nail polish review

Miss minty+ gosh nail

GOSH nail polish+ miss minty review

It’s a pastel Baby Blue shade with a touch of turquoise and I love this! It goes on neatly sans streaks which is amazing since I’ve hardly come across pastels which don’t streak 🙂 Plus, I am crazy about such cream finishes and these days I’m always on the look out for such NPs 🙂

GOSH + Miss Minty

nail polish + gosh + miss minty

I also tried some nail art. Nothing complicated…just a butterfly sticker and diagonal dots in a deep green shade.

nail art + miss minty gosh nail polish

nail art + gosh miss minty

So, have you tried such shades?? And do you like cream finishes too?






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20 responses to “Want a Mint???

  1. Nirah

    Hello Miss Minty!! You very pretty ans so on trend 😉
    Much Love

  2. Kejal

    ohhhh! zee looks nice on u!!! Now me too want like this shade. I didnt order this :-/ its very diff to find non streaky pastels..nice one!!

  3. oh so icy cool nails……..loved the nail art also 🙂

  4. mitra20

    Do we get this brand in India?

  5. lovely minty color… so pretty and soothing.. minty shades are growing popular this season..:)

  6. such a summer-y color Zee.. now me 2 want some mint.. nd so cutie nail art … 🙂

  7. Luks so fresh and pretty…I am going to hunt for an Indian brand alternative of this

  8. Awesome post. Thanks 🙂 I’m a new follower 🙂 Check me out & follow if you like 🙂

  9. Shivangi

    Love this shade! Koi to dupe batao!

  10. heena

    so b’ful 😀

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