Today is a super special day…Y?? It’s my A’s Bday!!! 🙂 🙂

For those of you who have also known her for a while will agree that she is an Angel of a girl and one of the sweetest human beings around…She’s been a gr8 friend to me, a super duper sounding board and my Agony aunt whenever I’ve needed her…She has fulfilled so many roles with such aplomb and now I’m super excited that she’s going be coming into a new role soon…My A is gona be a Mommieee!!!

I simply can’t wait for Pintoo to come and make me a Maasi! M sooo excited…But Ahem! it’s A’s Bday and I wanted to write a li’l something for her …

So here goes…


This time, that year,
An angel came into this world.
Swept color into our lives,
Thawed out all the cold.

One look at her eyes,
And a thousand hearts would melt.
The love and compassion she spread,
Was unanimously felt.

People flocked to her,
To hear that soft, sweet voice.
Not forced or coerced,
All voluntarily, by choice.Anamika Surekha wiseshe

Her super sunny disposition

Makes us all smile,

 And peace begins to reside,

With her sound advice.

And now in just a matter of weeks,

We’re going to have another angel joining us too.

I can’t wait to see and hold you,

My teeny, beloved Pintoo.

We Love you A, lots n lots,
We think you’re one HOT CHICA!
And I take this opportunity
To say, ‘Happy Bday ANAMIKA!’

– Zara KM

**Disclaimer: All the poems on this blog are original and created by me. Pls donot copy them without checking with me first. Thanks.



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29 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANAMIKA!!

  1. awwwww 🙂 this is soooooo cute and special ZARAAAA ….. happy b’day ana XOXO 😀 😀 wish you loadssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of happiness in the world and the positive energy you spread is something i cant describe in words … ZARA … god bless you for being so kind to all of us and may all your wishes come true 😀 D:

  2. I am just not able to express how I feel today.I never thought I will be so so loved and you know it how much i value these things.this is like the BESTEST thing happend to me today.ZEE! You make my life beautiful.I love youuuuuuuuuuu..

    Remember when you sent some gifts to me.I asked you where is my love note and you promised it for next time..Life is so so beautiful.I just feel insecure and pray to God that this bond of friendship stay intact for whole life..Love you ladies.

  3. very nice Zee.. bt u made me confused . i just saw the posted date nd thot fish i forget to wish Ana… bt thn checked the time nd cm to knw ok .. its today …. 😀

  4. Kejal

    weeehhhhoooooo!!!! Happy birthday Anamika!!! May god bring u all the happiness and fulfil all ur wishes!! hav a gr8 day!!!

  5. Nafisa

    This is so lovely Zee! To be honest,the beautiful friendship between u n A was one of the main factors that lured me towards wiseshe 🙂 May u guys share this special bond forever n continue to inspire love n generosity in all of us …mmmuah :-* N my hearfelt wishess to Ana n junior A 🙂

  6. upasana07

    maza aa gya bhabs 😀 😀 kya likhte ho aap :* :* Happy bdayy Anaaa :*

  7. lovely poem from ur loved poetess 🙂 cheers to ur friendship 🙂

  8. thats soooo sweet Zara…ur poems are truly awesome…happy bday A…

  9. beautiful lines Zara….u r very lucky Anamika to have people around you who loves u so much……………….god bless u…

  10. This is so sweet Z, Not only is A an angel, but surrounded by sweet angles like you.
    Love you all guys 🙂

  11. Aaaw. really sweet Zara. Though I just wished you, many happy returns of the day once again Anamika,

  12. thanks Chetana 🙂 and zee! u have no idea how many times i have read this 😀

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