(Kinda) Introducing Ms.Dessert Diva

Hi All !

Anyone who ever reads Wiseshe or is on Twitter would know what a huge foodie I am. Any topic invariably leads to food. The chocolatey shade of a lipstick, the strawberry nail art, etc, every single thing reminds me of desserts and I end up craving them. I usually try to control the temptaion but now God has sent me a Fairy(kinda literally) in the form of Parita (Pari to me) who is my personal ‘Sweet-Tooth Fairy’ 😉ParitasWorldHeader1-1

She has her own blog called Parita’s Kitchen wherein she posts her yummy rcipes and puts up drool-worthy pics of all that sheer yumminess. And plus! She has also started her own dessert business form home called ‘CakeWalk’..Cool right? I have deemed her as the cool IT profession by day and the Desssert Diva by night!

About a month back we got to chatting and realised that we’re practicallyneighbours…Yes…NEIGHBOURS!!! and we had no idea! How cool is that? So this proximity led to its natural consclusion of me asking her to get me a Chocolate Almond Cake last week 🙂

Sweet as she is, she dropped off the cake at my place at about 6pm last Friday evening. it looked so yummm! And yes, I ripped open the box as soon as she gave it to me. I didn’t even wait for her to leave! 😉 She left after about 30 mins of chattting and girl talk. My Hubs was also home by then. Believe you me, withing 5mins of his entering the house, we were hogging a slice each.Parita_ cakewalk

That Friday night, by the time we went o sleep, we had each gobbled up 3 slices of the cake. It was sooooo yummy!

I am a die hard chocolate lover and this was like a treat for me! And I have to stress an important point that my Hubs doesn’t usually like chocolate. He dislikes them and any other excessively sweet dishes. In fact, he hates chocolate cakes as well and after a slice, never looks at it again. But I was amazed at how he reacted to Pari’s cake. He loved it! Throughout the weekend, he was asking for it and that coupled with my insatiable love for chocolates resulted in the cake getting over by Sunday night….Yes girls…That huge cake u see?? All gone within 2.5days 🙂 🙂Chocolate almond cake + choco

And just last evening, after dinner, my hubs turned to me asked, ‘Wo Pari-wala cake de na??’ Hahaaa!!! But Alas! It was over but the point I want to stress here is that this cake was so yummy that even my Hubs, who hates chocolates loved it!

So all those of you from Pune…Hear! Hear! If you want a yummy cake for any occasion- A Bday or a get together! Or even just a couple of cupcakes for a rendezvouz planned with your pals…Or even just a tea cake to complete that afternoon snack…Pari is the gal for you. She’s got Magic Hands and is a whizz with cakes and pastries. Anytime you’re here, don’t miss the opportunity to try out one of her desserts.cake + chocolate + almond

I’m linking her Menu here wherein you can check out the yummies she’s offering. Just try it out! Every single morsel is designed to numb your senses and melt them into a puddle of sheer love!






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63 responses to “(Kinda) Introducing Ms.Dessert Diva

  1. that’s so awesome, Zara and the cake looks sooooooooo yummy 🙂

  2. oooooh you got a huge cake!!!! and i got only brownies? 😦 waaahhhaaaaa… heheheheh.. but it looks so yum ya! siiigghhhhh… she is amazing isn’t she? 🙂 nice post Zee 🙂

  3. Shivangi

    so sweet of her!

  4. upasana07

    omg pari that cake looks awesome !! i’ve been to ur blog and admired all those cakes.. which increase my craving for sweets 😀 😀 and bhabs u r her neighbor !! :O fultooo mazaaa apka 😀 😀

  5. tulips

    oh gooddd…mei aake tum logo ke pass flat lungi..n i be standing outside parita’s house every mrngg.:D :D..yuummmmmmmmmmm yummm…i want sum cake now 😀 parita parcel me sum cake wid my sigma brush 😀 😀

  6. So sweet 🙂 I love the baked recipes she shares……yummy cake 🙂 u kucky woman Z 🙂

  7. paritashah26

    OMG OMG..i love u!!! such a sweet post dear..m sooooooooooooooooo touched..gonna cry i think..thanks a lot..it really means a lot to me and m soooooooooooo glad you both enjoyed the cake..bas aur kya chahiye 🙂

  8. Kejal

    Awwww! I m coming to pune to meet pari..and get some pari-blessings!! that looks sooooooo yummmm. I m going to dream about it!

  9. Pari, Wish we were neighbors!!!!

  10. pranali

    me want to eat cakey!

  11. This looks damn yummy! I love only and only and only :p chocolate cakes!

  12. Z, you have an award at my blog 🙂

  13. sooooo delicious it looks zara….i love her blog too..

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