Grey Matter

Hi Everyone!

Remember the 7 NPs I hauled from earlier here? Well, I wanted to try doing some Glitter Gradient nail art and immediately wanted to try silver glitter on grey to see how it looked.

beyu 322 grey nail polish pic

Here’s how the Grey nail polish from Beyu (322) looks alone. I needed 2 coats for it to look completely opaque.beyu 322 grey nail polish review

beyu 322 grey nail polish

beyu 322 grey nail

And here’s my attempt at the glitter gradient. I know, it didn’t come out too well, but I plead ‘First Try’!! 😉 Hopefully I should be able to do better next time…Any tips?beyu grey nail polish + gradient nail art

beyu 322 grey nail polish + gradient nail art




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30 responses to “Grey Matter

  1. paritashah26

    This looks so kewl!! you ve beautiful nails

  2. Shivangi

    Nice shade! good for office too na?

  3. Kejal

    zee.its actually looking very prettyy! I like the glitter np..which one is it?
    I also want a grey..but lighter than dove grey

  4. Nirah

    I love greys. I am always on hunt.
    I like this one too. Though I think it might not look as good on me.

  5. upasana07

    waah bhabs 😀 😀 its shade is like wet cement paint na 😀 and glitter thing added a whole new twist to it 😉 u doin sooo gud with nail art :*

  6. I am a little gawar when it comes to Nps but these glitter nails luk just fab

  7. this is soooo pretty Zara … 😀 loved the glitter and original nail paint as well XOXO 😀

  8. Lovely shade Z, me totally lubin, g it 🙂
    Zee is it possible to comment here without twitter n fb, can’t comment from my offc 😦 😦

  9. this is damn pretty..i loved it ..i don have a shade like this ..not even closer

  10. addictedtonailpaints

    This is amazing.. Love the glitter and nail paint combination… I am gonna get this shade for sure…

  11. Loved it Zee… esp the glitter 🙂

  12. lovely and hot!! never ever saw any look near to it !!

  13. Zee..Iam getting that grey nail paint for sure..somehow I liked it without glitter only..maybe bcoz I like everything matte..:)

  14. panushwari

    sexy. but I would prefer this without the glitter. 😀

  15. leeb33

    i think it looks really pretty 🙂

  16. Ani

    this is a havoc shade…………. loving it 🙂

  17. It’s such a lovely shade!!:D

  18. scribbleofhappygoluckygal

    this seriously looks good..!!though plain grey looked boring for me:):)

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