My Haul from Deepika Designs

My love for earrings started when I was in 12th grade..I remember scouring the lanes of Tulsi Baug, MG Road and FC Road prowling for the prettiest earrings at the most competitive prices…sigh…I miss those days…These days, i simply cant seemto find stuff available to my taste…either the quality doesn’t match the price or the styles are kinda ‘bin there, done that..’ So when I saw Deepika Designs on Facebook early last year, I couldn’t believe my luck! Her designs are just amazing!!!

deepika designs haul

The Mother of all Hauls 🙂

Hence, since last year, I’ve been buying n buying…and buying some more 🙂 This time however, I got a whole bunch of goodies and thought I sould show them to you…I got 2 large dabbas at work last Friday at work and was over the moon about them…Her designs are so unique and I had the privelidge of gettng some of her exclusive Bday collection pieces..


And as you cansee below, even the packaging was immaculate with every piece tucked into its own plastic wrapper before being placed in the boxes 🙂deepika designs jewellery

And I’d like to say a special ‘Thank You’ To D for all the goodies and for all the pieces you’ve customized for me. I love every single piece you’ve created 🙂

Here’s the haul for your viewing pleasure..threadwork earrings

deepika designs jewellery+ turquoise

deepika designs jewellery+ earrings


deepika designs jewellery+ beaded earrings

I call these my beaded beauties 🙂 🙂

deepika designs jewellery pieces

deepika designs jewellery haul

bauble earrings

Don’t these look classy?

And here’s some stuff that struck my foot fancy:)

jewellery+ anklets

These anklets are hands down my fav of the lot!

amklets+ deepika designs

What I love most about these is that they can be used as breacelets as well 🙂

Click here to check out her facebook page. deepika designs

To check out my a fun way to organize your earrings, click here.



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28 responses to “My Haul from Deepika Designs

  1. upasana07

    they all r soo pretty bhabs 😀

    y am i not into jwlry n all 😥

  2. OMG love all of them..especially the first one is amazing!

  3. its was my pleasure as always to customize the stuff for you 🙂 I am happy u liked them 🙂

    • I love them D!! Every night when I pick my outfit for the next day, I check and see which matches n keep it out 😉 tmoro it’s the blue beads with the red and light blue beads 🙂

  4. zeee lovely collection!!!

  5. Dhara

    Omg wat a haul !! Amazing earrings yaa…onto Deepika’s page nw :p

  6. Janani

    Zee , my first comment on your blog !!!! And such a perfect timing .. My sis b’day coming up, she loves earrings .. and now i know what i can gift her .. Tanku tanku .. !!! 🙂

  7. lovelyyyy Zara …. i want them alllllllllllllllllll …. with anmol i find it so hard to change my earrings every day but i sooooo want to get my hands on these 😀 i lvoedddd the silver wire globe thing the most 😀 D:
    awesomeeee Deepika

    • aww…i kno ya….wid a kid its tuff to find the time for urself let alone picking n choosing earrings! but u still manage to luk fresh n pretty Rash 😉

      • hahahah and you see he hatessss my lipstick and now he started noticing that i apply something on cheeks .. and doesnt come near to me … he hate colors on my face and always confirms ” aata udya nahi lawnar na ??” hahhah 😀 😀 now what should i say yaar ??

  8. and what is the big silver round thing ??? in first pic ??

  9. tulips

    wow such a lovely haul zee..loved each n every one of dem 🙂 ❤

  10. Nirah

    You are wearing those first ones in your dp! They are very pretty!!

  11. oh! i missed this post..was too busy resting that time .:)..loved the last pair too much.

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