About Me

Hi Everyone!

I’m Zara and welcome to my online scribble pad! 😉

I’ll try to sum up some stuff about myself and here goes..

I’m an HR and trainer, working with an IT firm in Pune and am a total book and make-up fanatic. I can never have enough of either of these.

I love make up…truly madly, deeply…To this end I am a regular contributor to WiseShe which is a blog which carries not just makeup reviews and tutorials but goes a step further with recipes, Sale Tips and a whole lot more. Visit here and explore some more.

This platform is basically a platform where I can write my poetry, throw my thoughts and plans out at everyone to get your ideas. I have always loved writing and have been a closet poet all my life. My Husband & Anamika from Wiseshe have been my constant source of encouragement and the reason why I have been able to start this blog. Love you guys!


13 responses to “About Me

  1. you look so cute 🙂
    plus i love d lipstick shade hehe

  2. omg zee u look soo fresh n lovelyy !!! me lubing ur lippy too 😉 😉

  3. Congratulations Zee !!

  4. u r looking soooo beautiful zara…such clear and radiant skin…and congrats for the blog and wishing u gud luck..

  5. shale

    hey congratualtions!!

  6. scribbleofhappygoluckygal

    hi zara..!!! congrates.. and you are doing a good job..!!:)

    you have lovely skin!

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