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My Haul from Deepika Designs

My love for earrings started when I was in 12th grade..I remember scouring the lanes of Tulsi Baug, MG Road and FC Road prowling for the prettiest earrings at the most competitive prices…sigh…I miss those days…These days, i simply cant seemto find stuff available to my taste…either the quality doesn’t match the price or the styles are kinda ‘bin there, done that..’ So when I saw Deepika Designs on Facebook early last year, I couldn’t believe my luck! Her designs are just amazing!!!

deepika designs haul

The Mother of all Hauls 🙂

Hence, since last year, I’ve been buying n buying…and buying some more 🙂 This time however, I got a whole bunch of goodies and thought I sould show them to you…I got 2 large dabbas at work last Friday at work and was over the moon about them…Her designs are so unique and I had the privelidge of gettng some of her exclusive Bday collection pieces..


And as you cansee below, even the packaging was immaculate with every piece tucked into its own plastic wrapper before being placed in the boxes 🙂deepika designs jewellery

And I’d like to say a special ‘Thank You’ To D for all the goodies and for all the pieces you’ve customized for me. I love every single piece you’ve created 🙂

Here’s the haul for your viewing pleasure..threadwork earrings

deepika designs jewellery+ turquoise

deepika designs jewellery+ earrings


deepika designs jewellery+ beaded earrings

I call these my beaded beauties 🙂 🙂

deepika designs jewellery pieces

deepika designs jewellery haul

bauble earrings

Don’t these look classy?

And here’s some stuff that struck my foot fancy:)

jewellery+ anklets

These anklets are hands down my fav of the lot!

amklets+ deepika designs

What I love most about these is that they can be used as breacelets as well 🙂

Click here to check out her facebook page. deepika designs

To check out my a fun way to organize your earrings, click here.



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(Kinda) Introducing Ms.Dessert Diva

Hi All !

Anyone who ever reads Wiseshe or is on Twitter would know what a huge foodie I am. Any topic invariably leads to food. The chocolatey shade of a lipstick, the strawberry nail art, etc, every single thing reminds me of desserts and I end up craving them. I usually try to control the temptaion but now God has sent me a Fairy(kinda literally) in the form of Parita (Pari to me) who is my personal ‘Sweet-Tooth Fairy’ 😉ParitasWorldHeader1-1

She has her own blog called Parita’s Kitchen wherein she posts her yummy rcipes and puts up drool-worthy pics of all that sheer yumminess. And plus! She has also started her own dessert business form home called ‘CakeWalk’..Cool right? I have deemed her as the cool IT profession by day and the Desssert Diva by night!

About a month back we got to chatting and realised that we’re practicallyneighbours…Yes…NEIGHBOURS!!! and we had no idea! How cool is that? So this proximity led to its natural consclusion of me asking her to get me a Chocolate Almond Cake last week 🙂

Sweet as she is, she dropped off the cake at my place at about 6pm last Friday evening. it looked so yummm! And yes, I ripped open the box as soon as she gave it to me. I didn’t even wait for her to leave! 😉 She left after about 30 mins of chattting and girl talk. My Hubs was also home by then. Believe you me, withing 5mins of his entering the house, we were hogging a slice each.Parita_ cakewalk

That Friday night, by the time we went o sleep, we had each gobbled up 3 slices of the cake. It was sooooo yummy!

I am a die hard chocolate lover and this was like a treat for me! And I have to stress an important point that my Hubs doesn’t usually like chocolate. He dislikes them and any other excessively sweet dishes. In fact, he hates chocolate cakes as well and after a slice, never looks at it again. But I was amazed at how he reacted to Pari’s cake. He loved it! Throughout the weekend, he was asking for it and that coupled with my insatiable love for chocolates resulted in the cake getting over by Sunday night….Yes girls…That huge cake u see?? All gone within 2.5days 🙂 🙂Chocolate almond cake + choco

And just last evening, after dinner, my hubs turned to me asked, ‘Wo Pari-wala cake de na??’ Hahaaa!!! But Alas! It was over but the point I want to stress here is that this cake was so yummy that even my Hubs, who hates chocolates loved it!

So all those of you from Pune…Hear! Hear! If you want a yummy cake for any occasion- A Bday or a get together! Or even just a couple of cupcakes for a rendezvouz planned with your pals…Or even just a tea cake to complete that afternoon snack…Pari is the gal for you. She’s got Magic Hands and is a whizz with cakes and pastries. Anytime you’re here, don’t miss the opportunity to try out one of her desserts.cake + chocolate + almond

I’m linking her Menu here wherein you can check out the yummies she’s offering. Just try it out! Every single morsel is designed to numb your senses and melt them into a puddle of sheer love!





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Today is a super special day…Y?? It’s my A’s Bday!!! 🙂 🙂

For those of you who have also known her for a while will agree that she is an Angel of a girl and one of the sweetest human beings around…She’s been a gr8 friend to me, a super duper sounding board and my Agony aunt whenever I’ve needed her…She has fulfilled so many roles with such aplomb and now I’m super excited that she’s going be coming into a new role soon…My A is gona be a Mommieee!!!

I simply can’t wait for Pintoo to come and make me a Maasi! M sooo excited…But Ahem! it’s A’s Bday and I wanted to write a li’l something for her …

So here goes…


This time, that year,
An angel came into this world.
Swept color into our lives,
Thawed out all the cold.

One look at her eyes,
And a thousand hearts would melt.
The love and compassion she spread,
Was unanimously felt.

People flocked to her,
To hear that soft, sweet voice.
Not forced or coerced,
All voluntarily, by choice.Anamika Surekha wiseshe

Her super sunny disposition

Makes us all smile,

 And peace begins to reside,

With her sound advice.

And now in just a matter of weeks,

We’re going to have another angel joining us too.

I can’t wait to see and hold you,

My teeny, beloved Pintoo.

We Love you A, lots n lots,
We think you’re one HOT CHICA!
And I take this opportunity
To say, ‘Happy Bday ANAMIKA!’

– Zara KM

**Disclaimer: All the poems on this blog are original and created by me. Pls donot copy them without checking with me first. Thanks.


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One Lovely Blog Award !

Yey! Another award!!! And this time its my L’il Upsi from MakeupmyPassion who passed this on to me and I can’t say anything else except for ‘I’m Lovin It!’ 🙂 🙂 Thanks so much Upsi! Luv ya!

Award Rules :-
1. Thank the person who has nominated you and shout out loud.
2. Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers.
3. State 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Post the award pic on your wall.

So, the conditions of this award are quite similar to those of the previous award i received which is the Versatile Blogger Award. But since I saw Upsi’s post just today I thought y not?? after all there’s so much more to tell you about me than just in 7points right?? 😉 So  here goes..

  1. I love swimming! I’m a silver medalist in freestyle and feel like thats the best sport one can indulge in.

  2. I’m a bit of a loner and love it. I can watch a movie or have a coffee all alone. All I need is a book to cuddle up with 🙂

  3. I love writing poetry, but most of my writing is sad. I have no idea why sad stuff inspires me so much!
  4. I am an ‘Even-er’ I always buy things in 2s or 4s, 6s….Even if its makeup or grocery…anything…I’m not particularly superstitous, but I tend to feel a bit uncomfortable if I buy stuff in odd numbers. 🙂

  5. I was a total Tomboy till I hit 21. Then I turned girly so fast that even my parents had a hard time adjusting.
  6. As a child and an avid Enid Blyton reader, I always fantasized about being in a boarding school. I pleaded and cried but my parents never let me go. 😦

  7. Ok, now this is really weird, but what the heck…I grew up in the Gulf and there schools weren’t co-ed. So I hardly got to see guys and speak to them much. My only exposure to guys was TV (Read Bold and the Beautiful, Santa Barbara, etc). So for most of my life, I grew up thinking I’d marry an American fella….Heights of disillusionment!!!

And here are the ladies I’m tagging 🙂

Thanx Upsi once more for sharing this with me! 🙂


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The Versatile Blog Award

Yey! Yey! Yey!!! My very 1st Blog Award!!!! I’m soooo Happy!!

A Huge THANK YOU to Tanmayee from Celebrating Feminity nominated me for this Award and I’m sooo stoked to get this…


1. Thank the person who has nominated you and shout out loud.
2. Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers.
3. State 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Post the award pic on your wall.

Image from

7 Random Facts About Myself.

  • Contrary to what alotta people think, I am a total bookworm and love books alot more than I love makeup

  • I used to stammer as a child and still do at times when I’m excited or nervous

  • I always make it a point to treat others exactly how I’d like to be treated
  • My anger never lasts long and I never hold a grudge for long. Max I can stay angry for about 2-3days…not more.

  • I like cooking but don’t love it. I can’t eat food I make and don’t mind eating the food made by my mom for the rest of my life.

  • The only organized space in my home is my vanity 🙂
  • I have a wish to learn belly dancing…I know, I know, it’s a funny one…but I’ve always fantasized about it 🙂 A girl can dream can’t she??

Finally,  here’s the list of lovely Bloggers I’m awarding AKA tagging for this Award.

  1. A from wiseshe
  2. Sam from isimplylovemakeup
  3. Dr.Neeraj from beautytraveller
  4. Tapaswini from realbeautywithtaps
  5. Phil from drpoisonivy
  6. Vaishnavi from aonecentlife
  7. Kej from nailartandthings
  8. Rash from IndyaBeauty
  9. Emm from circular-in-sanity
  10. Pavani from megaliving


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Wise She Pune Blogger Meet & Our Haul!

It’s always great to make new friends…and its also a totally different feeling when you meet friends you’ve chatted with but never seen or spoken to face 2 face. And its a formula for fun when you meet a friend you haven’t seen in years!

This is exactly what happened to me when I met up with Shivangi and Parul sometime back. Parul I know from college but met up after years (and discovered we both share a passion for makeup). Shivangi on the other hand is someone I met through Wiseshe and decided to meet up with since we both are from the same city 🙂wisheshe-blogger-meet

So what did we do? We met, we shopped (like maniacs may i add) and we hogged yummy food!!

Wana know how our meet went?? Check out the details here.

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Tagged: 7 Deadly Sins

Wow! My first tag post….M quite excited i must say…When Jyo from ThingsThat MatterToMe, Upsi from MakeupmyPassion & Tanmayee from Celebrating Feminity tagged me in this segment, I  was so excited and couldn’t wait to do this. But since I was outta town, this was a bit delayed. So here goes…
The Q & A session. 
Q. What is your most inexpensive beauty product you love and why?
A. This beyond doubt has to be Boroplus. I love how quickly it repairs my chapped lips and/or irritated skin. I’m not fond of the whitish cast it gives to my lips and use it only when I’m at home or going to bed but it still remains one of my fav products…
Q. What is your most expensive beauty product you love and why?
A. My MAC Matte Bronzer. I am obsessed with contouring my ‘gol-gol’ face and don’t like the harsher and darker brown shades available. This is the exact shade for me which is neither too dark nor looks muddy on my skin. It’s a tad bit on the pricier side but then again, this ain’t getting over any time soon and I feel the price is totally justified 🙂
Q. Which beauty product you have love and hate relationship with? Name it.
A.  MAC Amplified Finish Lipsticks. I love the texture, but more often than not, it settles into my lip lines and looks a bit pruney by the end of the day. I’ve always wondered how I can love and a hate a lipstick formula at the same time…..
Q. What is your most delicious beauty product?
A. Ahh! Just thinking about this makes my mouth water and I’m sure it’ll be the same case with all of you…It’s The Body Shop’s Chocolate Sugar Scrub. It smells so heavenly that I feel like I could jump into a vat of the product and just lie there and not want anything in the entire world.
Q. Which product do you neglect due to laziness?
A.Toner. I am diligent when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing my skin, but I’m too lazy to apply toner. During the say I resolve to go home and use it but then once I’m in front of the mirror, my mind comes up with a 100 excuses NOT to use it..
Q. What beauty product makes you feel confident?
A. Blush! Blush!Blush! This may not be a surprise to those who know me though…I’m obsessed with blush and even choose my clothes depending on which blush shade I’d like to wear. Crazy Right??
Q. What traits you find attractive in opposite sex?
A. Honestly and the willingness to help around the house. I simply detest a Man who thinks that the home is a woman’s domain and that his job is done since he goes to work and earns the big bucks. I feel that even if the lady is a housewife, she deserves help from the Hubby …after all, taking care of a household ain’t child’s play.
Q. What items you would like to receive as a gift?
A. Hmm..In general, I’d say blushes and books. If I were to be more specific, I’d say I want to get all the books ever written by Jill Mansell and Julia Quinn (they are my fav authors right now) and all the blushes from ELF & NARS.

Thanx Girls for tagging me..This was a blast…I felt like a celebrity giving an interview 😉 😉

And here are my Girls who I’ll be tagging for this :


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