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Grey Matter

Hi Everyone!

Remember the 7 NPs I hauled from earlier here? Well, I wanted to try doing some Glitter Gradient nail art and immediately wanted to try silver glitter on grey to see how it looked.

beyu 322 grey nail polish pic

Here’s how the Grey nail polish from Beyu (322) looks alone. I needed 2 coats for it to look completely opaque.beyu 322 grey nail polish review

beyu 322 grey nail polish

beyu 322 grey nail

And here’s my attempt at the glitter gradient. I know, it didn’t come out too well, but I plead ‘First Try’!! 😉 Hopefully I should be able to do better next time…Any tips?beyu grey nail polish + gradient nail art

beyu 322 grey nail polish + gradient nail art




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Maybelline High Shine Colorsensational Lipstick in Plum Shine: Swatches & Review

Maybelline has been going from strength to strength in the past few months and have gained even a greater fan following thanks to their new Dream Liquid foundation, their blushes, swirl liners and the High shine lippies. When A swtched them here, I immediately made up my mind to buy Fruit Punch and Plum shine. They looked so irresistable and I know you’ll agree. Now all I need to cement my love for Maybelline is their colorburst lip balms and the BOUNCY BLUSHESS!!! We can only hope and pray that they think we’re worth it and get it to us atleast now after 1.5yrs of it being released abroad.Maybelline-high-shine-colorsensational-lipstick-plum-shine-review-+-maybelline-cosmetics

CLick here to read the full review.

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The Body Shop Vit E Tinted Moisturiser Review

None of us wear foundation on a daily basis…Atleast i’ve never met anyone who does. Wink And yet we do need that magic product which evens out our skin tones and conceals some of our worst flaws don’t we?

A lot of us swear by the Maybelline BB Cream or the late Pond’s TM. Where Maybelline’s BB cream is The product to use for matte looking skin, Ponds TM was the tube a lot of us reached for for the perfect dewy look. And since Ponds TM has been discontinued, a lot of us have been feeling quite orphaned and left high n dry so to speak. Well, worry not! TBS Vit E TM has swept in to the rescue!the-body-shop-vitamin-E-tinted-moisturizer-review-+-vitamin-E-moisturizer

Click here to know more about this fantastic product!


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Ambika Pillai Contour Brush Review

Ambika Pillai brushes have weaned their way onto my vanity. Of all the brushes I have, these AP brushes are the most used ones. I have already reviewed a couple of the brushes from this range and thought of reviewing this after Vish asked about a good contour brush to use, I immediately thought of reviewing this one.Ambika-Pillai-contour-brush-review-+-contouring

TO read the full review, click here.

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Klean Bowled!

After oogling Kleancolor NPs on Kej’s blog (NailArtandThings) and Dimpal’s blog (Crazy Polishes) my brain went on over drive and I frantically started looking for good deals on them. Luckily I was able to find one on Ebay. After some price comparisons, I decided to take the plunge and ordered them.kleancolor nail polishes

I just received them 2 days before and here are some pics for you to enjoy.


191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic), 175 (Diamond Red), 180 (Diamond Purple), 221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

klean color nail polish

221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

holo nail polish

180 (Diamond Purple), 175 (Diamond Red)

chunky holos nail polish

191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic)

Btw for those of you who are considering getting these, pls check out the link on ebay here.

kleancolor nailpolishes holo

191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic), 175 (Diamond Red), 180 (Diamond Purple), 221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

My next target are the metallics…especially since Kej mentioned in one of her posts that they stamp well 🙂


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My Attempt at Water Marbling

I seem to have caught the nail flu these days…So when Kej suggested on our Facebook group that we try out some water marbling together I thought ‘Why the heck not??’ After all, I’d watched a few videos on YouTube and didn’t think it would be too complicated..What did one need after all? Some tape, some NP remover, a glass of water, a toothpick and a napkin..Sounds simple right?

WRONG! It’s a looong and complicated procedure and after lots of struggle I finally got it! well, sorta…

So for those of you who haven;t already seen this on FB, here are some pics for your viewing delight..Any tips would be welcome 🙂

P.S. I’m sorry for te dry cuticles..I’m really trying to do something about them…

water marbling nail art

water marbling made easy

water marbling

nail art water marbling

nail art

water marbling with maybellline colorama


Z! 🙂


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Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Bronzer Review & Swatches

I have always been more on the paler side since childhood. There are time’s when I go tomato red too but for the most part, I stay pale. Hence my love for  bronzers and blushes which add a nice healthy pop of color to my face…This was part of my Diwali haul last year and this came along with the Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush which A has reviewed earlier.Physicians-Formula-happy-booster-bronzer-review+bronzer+-happy-booster

For the full review on this bronzer, click here.


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