Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick Rose Tendre Review & Swatches

After reviewing the Bourjois Sweet Kis Natural Lippy in Rose Delicat here & reading Ric’s review on the shade she has here, I thought to review the other shade I have from this range calledRose Tendre. It’s no more hidden from you that I like sheer shades and lighter hues and I thought this would be perfect. After all, this shade seems to be a cult fav of a lot of gals around.Bourjois-rose-tendre-lipstick-review-+-pink-lipstick

So did this work as well on me? Find out by clicking here.


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(Kinda) Introducing Ms.Dessert Diva

Hi All !

Anyone who ever reads Wiseshe or is on Twitter would know what a huge foodie I am. Any topic invariably leads to food. The chocolatey shade of a lipstick, the strawberry nail art, etc, every single thing reminds me of desserts and I end up craving them. I usually try to control the temptaion but now God has sent me a Fairy(kinda literally) in the form of Parita (Pari to me) who is my personal ‘Sweet-Tooth Fairy’ 😉ParitasWorldHeader1-1

She has her own blog called Parita’s Kitchen wherein she posts her yummy rcipes and puts up drool-worthy pics of all that sheer yumminess. And plus! She has also started her own dessert business form home called ‘CakeWalk’..Cool right? I have deemed her as the cool IT profession by day and the Desssert Diva by night!

About a month back we got to chatting and realised that we’re practicallyneighbours…Yes…NEIGHBOURS!!! and we had no idea! How cool is that? So this proximity led to its natural consclusion of me asking her to get me a Chocolate Almond Cake last week 🙂

Sweet as she is, she dropped off the cake at my place at about 6pm last Friday evening. it looked so yummm! And yes, I ripped open the box as soon as she gave it to me. I didn’t even wait for her to leave! 😉 She left after about 30 mins of chattting and girl talk. My Hubs was also home by then. Believe you me, withing 5mins of his entering the house, we were hogging a slice each.Parita_ cakewalk

That Friday night, by the time we went o sleep, we had each gobbled up 3 slices of the cake. It was sooooo yummy!

I am a die hard chocolate lover and this was like a treat for me! And I have to stress an important point that my Hubs doesn’t usually like chocolate. He dislikes them and any other excessively sweet dishes. In fact, he hates chocolate cakes as well and after a slice, never looks at it again. But I was amazed at how he reacted to Pari’s cake. He loved it! Throughout the weekend, he was asking for it and that coupled with my insatiable love for chocolates resulted in the cake getting over by Sunday night….Yes girls…That huge cake u see?? All gone within 2.5days 🙂 🙂Chocolate almond cake + choco

And just last evening, after dinner, my hubs turned to me asked, ‘Wo Pari-wala cake de na??’ Hahaaa!!! But Alas! It was over but the point I want to stress here is that this cake was so yummy that even my Hubs, who hates chocolates loved it!

So all those of you from Pune…Hear! Hear! If you want a yummy cake for any occasion- A Bday or a get together! Or even just a couple of cupcakes for a rendezvouz planned with your pals…Or even just a tea cake to complete that afternoon snack…Pari is the gal for you. She’s got Magic Hands and is a whizz with cakes and pastries. Anytime you’re here, don’t miss the opportunity to try out one of her desserts.cake + chocolate + almond

I’m linking her Menu here wherein you can check out the yummies she’s offering. Just try it out! Every single morsel is designed to numb your senses and melt them into a puddle of sheer love!





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Klean Bowled!

After oogling Kleancolor NPs on Kej’s blog (NailArtandThings) and Dimpal’s blog (Crazy Polishes) my brain went on over drive and I frantically started looking for good deals on them. Luckily I was able to find one on Ebay. After some price comparisons, I decided to take the plunge and ordered them.kleancolor nail polishes

I just received them 2 days before and here are some pics for you to enjoy.


191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic), 175 (Diamond Red), 180 (Diamond Purple), 221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

klean color nail polish

221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

holo nail polish

180 (Diamond Purple), 175 (Diamond Red)

chunky holos nail polish

191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic)

Btw for those of you who are considering getting these, pls check out the link on ebay here.

kleancolor nailpolishes holo

191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic), 175 (Diamond Red), 180 (Diamond Purple), 221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

My next target are the metallics…especially since Kej mentioned in one of her posts that they stamp well 🙂


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Maybelline High Shine Colorsensational Lipstick Fruit Punch Review & Swatches

Even though I’d picked up the swirl liners, the dream matte powder, the foundation and thedream touch blushes as soon as they were out in the market, I hadn’t picked up the lippies released with them. The reason being that I thought the colors wouldn’t be too out of this world and quite common..So I ignored it for quite a while. But then some time back Rash happened to do a post on the lipstick in this range called Fruit Punch and that was it! I knew I had to pick it up..I wish it looked as good on me as it does on her but this shade has really won me over and I’m sure it will win you over as well SmileMaybelline-high-shine-colorsensational-lipstick-Fruit-punch-review-+-high-shine-lipstick

Click here for the full review.

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MAC Peaches Blush Review & Swatches

A lot of you must recall the number of times I’ve spoken about my brother wrt my MAC buys. This time however, I’m back with a blush which I got from my hubs…or rather wheedled out of him Wink Remember I mentioned the Nubile Paintpot and the Deliciously Forbidden Lippy I got  from the Posh Paradise Collection 2mts earlier? I got this blush along with the lippy which was quite a shock to my better half..Why? Because dragged him to the store for the lipstick only…and then ofcourse I couldn’t resist the blushes…and in the end he couldn’t resist my puppy-dog look Smile Smile But all’s well that ends well and I got my MAC Blush in Peaches!!!MAC-peaches-blush-review-+-sheertone-blush

For the full review, click here.


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Ambika Pillai Blush Brush Review

For a blush crazy gal like me, it’s imperative to have the right tools for application. I have brushes from Bare EscentualsOriflameVegaBourjois, etc but the best I have used till date is this one from Ambika Pillai. I don’t have a MAC or Sigma yet so can’t compare this to them but I can assure you that this brush does rise to the competition with aplomb!Ambika-Pillai-blush-brush-review-+-blush-brush

For the full review on this brush, click here.

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Too Faced Mocha Mi Amore Blush Review & Swatches

I’m back with another blush review and this time its from Too Faced. My very first Too Faced Blush!!! Yippiee!I picked this up from Ebay and got it specifically because I wanted a Mocha kinda shade. I’ve been so enamored with pink for such a long time that I now have a yen to try new shades…reds, browns, plums…these are the shades I’m targeting now…wot say??too-faced-mocha-mi-amore-review-+-too-faced-blush-+mocha

For the full review, click here.

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