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NARS Blush Gina: Review, Swatches

Hi All,

I’d like to think that each of my blushes have a story to it…other than my insatiable thirst for more blushes that is.. Wink I usually try to jump right in and not bore anyone with the details but then there are some blushes which deserve their story to be told…Sorry, I’m getting too senti over blush aren’t I?


To read the full review on WiseShe, click here.


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Maybelline High Shine Colorsensational Lipstick in Plum Shine: Swatches & Review

Maybelline has been going from strength to strength in the past few months and have gained even a greater fan following thanks to their new Dream Liquid foundation, their blushes, swirl liners and the High shine lippies. When A swtched them here, I immediately made up my mind to buy Fruit Punch and Plum shine. They looked so irresistable and I know you’ll agree. Now all I need to cement my love for Maybelline is their colorburst lip balms and the BOUNCY BLUSHESS!!! We can only hope and pray that they think we’re worth it and get it to us atleast now after 1.5yrs of it being released abroad.Maybelline-high-shine-colorsensational-lipstick-plum-shine-review-+-maybelline-cosmetics

CLick here to read the full review.

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The Body Shop Vit E Tinted Moisturiser Review

None of us wear foundation on a daily basis…Atleast i’ve never met anyone who does. Wink And yet we do need that magic product which evens out our skin tones and conceals some of our worst flaws don’t we?

A lot of us swear by the Maybelline BB Cream or the late Pond’s TM. Where Maybelline’s BB cream is The product to use for matte looking skin, Ponds TM was the tube a lot of us reached for for the perfect dewy look. And since Ponds TM has been discontinued, a lot of us have been feeling quite orphaned and left high n dry so to speak. Well, worry not! TBS Vit E TM has swept in to the rescue!the-body-shop-vitamin-E-tinted-moisturizer-review-+-vitamin-E-moisturizer

Click here to know more about this fantastic product!


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Ambika Pillai Contour Brush Review

Ambika Pillai brushes have weaned their way onto my vanity. Of all the brushes I have, these AP brushes are the most used ones. I have already reviewed a couple of the brushes from this range and thought of reviewing this after Vish asked about a good contour brush to use, I immediately thought of reviewing this one.Ambika-Pillai-contour-brush-review-+-contouring

TO read the full review, click here.

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Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick Rose Tendre Review & Swatches

After reviewing the Bourjois Sweet Kis Natural Lippy in Rose Delicat here & reading Ric’s review on the shade she has here, I thought to review the other shade I have from this range calledRose Tendre. It’s no more hidden from you that I like sheer shades and lighter hues and I thought this would be perfect. After all, this shade seems to be a cult fav of a lot of gals around.Bourjois-rose-tendre-lipstick-review-+-pink-lipstick

So did this work as well on me? Find out by clicking here.

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Maybelline High Shine Colorsensational Lipstick Fruit Punch Review & Swatches

Even though I’d picked up the swirl liners, the dream matte powder, the foundation and thedream touch blushes as soon as they were out in the market, I hadn’t picked up the lippies released with them. The reason being that I thought the colors wouldn’t be too out of this world and quite common..So I ignored it for quite a while. But then some time back Rash happened to do a post on the lipstick in this range called Fruit Punch and that was it! I knew I had to pick it up..I wish it looked as good on me as it does on her but this shade has really won me over and I’m sure it will win you over as well SmileMaybelline-high-shine-colorsensational-lipstick-Fruit-punch-review-+-high-shine-lipstick

Click here for the full review.

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MAC Peaches Blush Review & Swatches

A lot of you must recall the number of times I’ve spoken about my brother wrt my MAC buys. This time however, I’m back with a blush which I got from my hubs…or rather wheedled out of him Wink Remember I mentioned the Nubile Paintpot and the Deliciously Forbidden Lippy I got  from the Posh Paradise Collection 2mts earlier? I got this blush along with the lippy which was quite a shock to my better half..Why? Because dragged him to the store for the lipstick only…and then ofcourse I couldn’t resist the blushes…and in the end he couldn’t resist my puppy-dog look Smile Smile But all’s well that ends well and I got my MAC Blush in Peaches!!!MAC-peaches-blush-review-+-sheertone-blush

For the full review, click here.


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