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NARS Torrid Blush: Review, Swatches

Hi All,

I’ve always been an avid reader (if you’re wondering why I’m mentioning this, read further) & a very rebelious kid. I always did the exact opposite of what I was told. And one of the forbidden things was reading Mills&Boons. My Mom had strictly warned me that I was not to touch them till I was 14…but then, how many Nancy Drews can a girl read , right? And plus, being ‘Forbidden‘ piqued my interest even further and I made a friend get me one of her Moms novels. Well, suffice to say it opened a whole new world of a very different vocabulary…I was suddenly exposed to words like, ‘Sighing, swooning, throbbing and…yes you guessed it..Torrid.’

I recall running to the dictionary to find out the meanings of these words..and mind you I was never this enthusiastic to find out meaning of words in my study books Wink Nevertheless, when I saw this blush on strawberrynet, I was immediately transported back to my childhood where I spent hours giggling with girlfriends over such words. Smile Smile And I simply had to get this…Ah! Childhood memories…If only I knew they would make me buy more makeup when I grew older…. Wink Wink


For the full review on WiseShe, click here.


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NARS Blush Gina: Review, Swatches

Hi All,

I’d like to think that each of my blushes have a story to it…other than my insatiable thirst for more blushes that is.. Wink I usually try to jump right in and not bore anyone with the details but then there are some blushes which deserve their story to be told…Sorry, I’m getting too senti over blush aren’t I?


To read the full review on WiseShe, click here.

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AVON True Color Blush Molta Mocha Review & Swatches

It’s no surprise that I’m back with yet another blush review 🙂 This time, its a blush from AVON from the True Color Range.

This is one of the blushes I bought on my hunt for the perfect brown which wouldn’t make me look muddy or as if I’d been in a mud-wrestling match 🙂Avon-true-color-blush-in-Molto-Mocha-review-+-avon-makeup-reviews

Is it the ‘right’ brown for me? Did it pass the test?? To know more check out the full review here.

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MAC Fleur Power Blush Review ,Swatches & Photos

So yes….I’m a total blush addict…can’t help myself…I can go without a liner, without a lipstick, but never without a blush 🙂 This i another beauty I have in my stash…MAC Fleur Power blush…

MAC Fleur Power blush review + mac cosmetics + blush

Check out the full review and swatches on WiseShe here

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