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NARS Torrid Blush: Review, Swatches

Hi All,

I’ve always been an avid reader (if you’re wondering why I’m mentioning this, read further) & a very rebelious kid. I always did the exact opposite of what I was told. And one of the forbidden things was reading Mills&Boons. My Mom had strictly warned me that I was not to touch them till I was 14…but then, how many Nancy Drews can a girl read , right? And plus, being ‘Forbidden‘ piqued my interest even further and I made a friend get me one of her Moms novels. Well, suffice to say it opened a whole new world of a very different vocabulary…I was suddenly exposed to words like, ‘Sighing, swooning, throbbing and…yes you guessed it..Torrid.’

I recall running to the dictionary to find out the meanings of these words..and mind you I was never this enthusiastic to find out meaning of words in my study books Wink Nevertheless, when I saw this blush on strawberrynet, I was immediately transported back to my childhood where I spent hours giggling with girlfriends over such words. Smile Smile And I simply had to get this…Ah! Childhood memories…If only I knew they would make me buy more makeup when I grew older…. Wink Wink


For the full review on WiseShe, click here.


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NARS Blush Gina: Review, Swatches

Hi All,

I’d like to think that each of my blushes have a story to it…other than my insatiable thirst for more blushes that is.. Wink I usually try to jump right in and not bore anyone with the details but then there are some blushes which deserve their story to be told…Sorry, I’m getting too senti over blush aren’t I?


To read the full review on WiseShe, click here.

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PAW Nail Art: A Tribute to our 4-legged pals…

Recently on WiseShe we’ve been having alotta discussions about our Dogs and how much we love them and the cute stuff they do. Christina and Shivangi are 2 of the girls I’e been having such talks with and when Chris sent me a few pics of her dog –  Kelly, I started missing Sunny, our pet who’s at Nagpur. So this is some nail art I did as a tribute to our 4-legged and fiercely loyal friends.

beyu nail polish black

I’d seen this nail art on YouTube a few months back and tried to link it but haven’t been able to find it now. Incase anyone remembers, pls do let me know so I can link it here.

black and white nail art

For this PAW nail art, I’ve used a white nail polish from Miss Claire in 002, Black from Beyu (No 318) & NYX Glitter nail polish (Under The Moon).

Nail polish + nail art

The Miss Claire nail polish is quite streaky and required some effort to make it work. Beyu was amazing and went on thick. A single coat was sufficient and the shine was gorgeous. The NYX glitter is one of the best I have and has a Holo effect as well. I applied this only to the areas which were black.beyu 318 black + paw nail art

Paws nailart

my nail art + paws nail art

Hope you liked it! 🙂




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Want a Mint???

In my previous post you read about the GOSH nail polishes I got through Kejal (or rather her husband). And since I’ve been ordered by the Tweet-Clan, here i am with the swatches for the GOSH nail polish in MISS MINTY.

GOSH nail polish review

Miss minty+ gosh nail

GOSH nail polish+ miss minty review

It’s a pastel Baby Blue shade with a touch of turquoise and I love this! It goes on neatly sans streaks which is amazing since I’ve hardly come across pastels which don’t streak 🙂 Plus, I am crazy about such cream finishes and these days I’m always on the look out for such NPs 🙂

GOSH + Miss Minty

nail polish + gosh + miss minty

I also tried some nail art. Nothing complicated…just a butterfly sticker and diagonal dots in a deep green shade.

nail art + miss minty gosh nail polish

nail art + gosh miss minty

So, have you tried such shades?? And do you like cream finishes too?





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It’s amazing how we meet friends and cultivate friendships these days..If 2yrs earlier, someone had told me that I’d meet people on a blog and actually continue a friendship with them I’d have given them a funny look. But now it’s a whole new ball game. Thanks to blogs and social network sites (read Twitter), it’s become so easy to meet like-minded people and this has turned out to be a boon for me.

Image from sodahead.com

First it was Rashmi from Indyabeauty and the Anamika from Wiseshe with whom I formed a bond with. This was about 1.2yrs back. and I never looked back. One of the friends I made through blogging is Kejal Shah from NailartandThings. A pro at Nail Art, Kejal is the person who has promoted me from an exclusive makeup lover to a nail art fanatic as well! Yes Kej, I’m blaming you again 😉


She has been my Nail Guru for quite a while and she’s the gal I ping on my Blackberry whenever I have a Nail-art related query. About a week back when her Hubby went for a short trip abroad, she asked whether I wanted any GOSH nail polishes. Could i say no? 😉 I immediately hunted online on my cell and gave her 3 shades I was interested in and she ensured I got them!  I got my parcel from her today and had the shock of my life!!! I’d expected just the 3 nail polishes but what i received was a truckload of nail art goodies!


Here are some pics of the GOSH nail polishes. I got the shades: Gasoline, Miss Minty & Ocean.

Aren’t they gorgeous????

She also send these butterfly nail art stickers and 2 sets of decals along with a cuticle oil pen.

After discussing on Twitter at length with Emm (Circular Insanity) and Nirah (Present Perfect) about these, I was genuinely curious to know what these were like. Thanks to Kej, I am on my way to being enlightened! 😉


And last but not least, she also sent me 2 amazing CH nail polishes which have the most amazing texture and finish. They are shimmery but look matte… cool right??

I was having a really bad week at work and I’d like to say a BBBIIIGGG Thanks to Kej for kicking all the negativity of this week into oblivion with this gesture of hers. Kisses!!




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Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette Review

Ever gone into a shopping frenzy all of a sudden and then after a month or so realised what massive damage you’ve done to your bank account?? I did all that and much more during my wedding prep…I bought tons of makeup which i ended up using just once or twice. And the best part is that i still recall how important and critical these purchases seemed at the time.. I honestly miss those days when I could buy as much as I wanted without getting rebuked…Pure, unadulterated splurging! Ahh!!! 😉

This palette from Coastal Scents was one of my most ‘CRITICAL’ purchases at the time.coastal-scents-26-sadow-blush-palette-review+-coastal-scents

what makes it so special?? Click here for the full review.

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Blissful BEYU!

If anyone had told me 1 year back that I’d be going bonkers for nail polishes, I’d have smirked and laughed at their ridiculous prediction. Rather, I’d have them certified and thrown into a padded cell! But then something happened (imagine thunder n lightening) and this girl walked in from the fog (more like smog considering our pollution rates) and nothing was ever the same for me again..beyu nailpolish

Incase none of you have guessed, it was Kejal from Nailartandthings. She painted her way into my life and turned me into a nail-maniac. And how can I forget Emm from Circular Insanity and Nee from PresentPerfect who keep taunting and tempting me on Twitter with talks of different NPs and gumdrops and Happi’s!!!  So it really can’t be a surprise that in a fit of sheer lust, I grabbed 7 Beyu Nail Polishes from MedplusBeauty.com.beyu nail polish

These Nail Polishes come in a variety of shades and cost INR249 but are currently available for INR 149.4 each…cool right? You can check out the shades here. I find it weird and irritating that the shades only have numbers and no names…Why do brands do this??? Whats the logic?? If they can’t name shades, just give us the samples! We’ll help…for free 😉 😉

beyu nail

I got shade numbers (L to R):

BEYU NAIL LACQUER 322 Concrete Grey Creme
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 309 Deep chocolate with a tinge of red (Creme)
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 156 Duochrome Skin Coral
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 264 Pearly Rose Pink
BEYU NAIL LACQUER 373 Pearly White with a tinge of Pink

beyu nail polishes

The bottles are kinda small (8ml) and here’s how they compare with other NPs in terms of size. I don’t mind though since I get tired of the same colors and this quite suites my Get-Bored-Soon attitude.beyu nail paint

So, I got these 2 days after placing my order and I find this really cool. I have shopped from MedplusBeauty and couple of times and they have never disappointed me ever! You guys rock!!


Swatches will be coming soon!! So stay tuned!


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