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PAW Nail Art: A Tribute to our 4-legged pals…

Recently on WiseShe we’ve been having alotta discussions about our Dogs and how much we love them and the cute stuff they do. Christina and Shivangi are 2 of the girls I’e been having such talks with and when Chris sent me a few pics of her dog –  Kelly, I started missing Sunny, our pet who’s at Nagpur. So this is some nail art I did as a tribute to our 4-legged and fiercely loyal friends.

beyu nail polish black

I’d seen this nail art on YouTube a few months back and tried to link it but haven’t been able to find it now. Incase anyone remembers, pls do let me know so I can link it here.

black and white nail art

For this PAW nail art, I’ve used a white nail polish from Miss Claire in 002, Black from Beyu (No 318) & NYX Glitter nail polish (Under The Moon).

Nail polish + nail art

The Miss Claire nail polish is quite streaky and required some effort to make it work. Beyu was amazing and went on thick. A single coat was sufficient and the shine was gorgeous. The NYX glitter is one of the best I have and has a Holo effect as well. I applied this only to the areas which were black.beyu 318 black + paw nail art

Paws nailart

my nail art + paws nail art

Hope you liked it! 🙂





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