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It’s amazing how we meet friends and cultivate friendships these days..If 2yrs earlier, someone had told me that I’d meet people on a blog and actually continue a friendship with them I’d have given them a funny look. But now it’s a whole new ball game. Thanks to blogs and social network sites (read Twitter), it’s become so easy to meet like-minded people and this has turned out to be a boon for me.

Image from sodahead.com

First it was Rashmi from Indyabeauty and the Anamika from Wiseshe with whom I formed a bond with. This was about 1.2yrs back. and I never looked back. One of the friends I made through blogging is Kejal Shah from NailartandThings. A pro at Nail Art, Kejal is the person who has promoted me from an exclusive makeup lover to a nail art fanatic as well! Yes Kej, I’m blaming you again 😉


She has been my Nail Guru for quite a while and she’s the gal I ping on my Blackberry whenever I have a Nail-art related query. About a week back when her Hubby went for a short trip abroad, she asked whether I wanted any GOSH nail polishes. Could i say no? 😉 I immediately hunted online on my cell and gave her 3 shades I was interested in and she ensured I got them!  I got my parcel from her today and had the shock of my life!!! I’d expected just the 3 nail polishes but what i received was a truckload of nail art goodies!


Here are some pics of the GOSH nail polishes. I got the shades: Gasoline, Miss Minty & Ocean.

Aren’t they gorgeous????

She also send these butterfly nail art stickers and 2 sets of decals along with a cuticle oil pen.

After discussing on Twitter at length with Emm (Circular Insanity) and Nirah (Present Perfect) about these, I was genuinely curious to know what these were like. Thanks to Kej, I am on my way to being enlightened! 😉


And last but not least, she also sent me 2 amazing CH nail polishes which have the most amazing texture and finish. They are shimmery but look matte… cool right??

I was having a really bad week at work and I’d like to say a BBBIIIGGG Thanks to Kej for kicking all the negativity of this week into oblivion with this gesture of hers. Kisses!!





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Bootie Babe Nail Polish Giveaway on Circular-In-sanity.blogspot.in

Hi Everyone! Anyone who follows me, Mansi, Kejal or Nirah on Twitter would definitely aware of how obsessed we (okay, I) have been obsessed with the Bootie Nail Polishes she got and reviewed here.


The moment I saw those pastel an colorful booties (think pure ppl), I’ve been lemming for them and now finally Emm along with Bootie Babe Cosmetics are hosting a Nail Polish Giveaway! Yeeyyyyy!!!

Awesome isnt it???..Check out the link here.


So whatcha waiting for?? Go check it out!


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