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The Body Shop Vit E Tinted Moisturiser Review

None of us wear foundation on a daily basis…Atleast i’ve never met anyone who does. Wink And yet we do need that magic product which evens out our skin tones and conceals some of our worst flaws don’t we?

A lot of us swear by the Maybelline BB Cream or the late Pond’s TM. Where Maybelline’s BB cream is The product to use for matte looking skin, Ponds TM was the tube a lot of us reached for for the perfect dewy look. And since Ponds TM has been discontinued, a lot of us have been feeling quite orphaned and left high n dry so to speak. Well, worry not! TBS Vit E TM has swept in to the rescue!the-body-shop-vitamin-E-tinted-moisturizer-review-+-vitamin-E-moisturizer

Click here to know more about this fantastic product!



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Klean Bowled!

After oogling Kleancolor NPs on Kej’s blog (NailArtandThings) and Dimpal’s blog (Crazy Polishes) my brain went on over drive and I frantically started looking for good deals on them. Luckily I was able to find one on Ebay. After some price comparisons, I decided to take the plunge and ordered them.kleancolor nail polishes

I just received them 2 days before and here are some pics for you to enjoy.


191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic), 175 (Diamond Red), 180 (Diamond Purple), 221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

klean color nail polish

221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

holo nail polish

180 (Diamond Purple), 175 (Diamond Red)

chunky holos nail polish

191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic)

Btw for those of you who are considering getting these, pls check out the link on ebay here.

kleancolor nailpolishes holo

191(Blue-Eyed Girl), 194(Afternoon Picnic), 175 (Diamond Red), 180 (Diamond Purple), 221 (Sunny Summer Days), 223 (Mud Pie Sparkle)

My next target are the metallics…especially since Kej mentioned in one of her posts that they stamp well 🙂


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Too Faced Mocha Mi Amore Blush Review & Swatches

I’m back with another blush review and this time its from Too Faced. My very first Too Faced Blush!!! Yippiee!I picked this up from Ebay and got it specifically because I wanted a Mocha kinda shade. I’ve been so enamored with pink for such a long time that I now have a yen to try new shades…reds, browns, plums…these are the shades I’m targeting now…wot say??too-faced-mocha-mi-amore-review-+-too-faced-blush-+mocha

For the full review, click here.

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Stila Lip Glaze Sticks: Plum, Fruit Punch, Orange:Review & Swatches

I first spotted lipstick is pencil form when Lakme came up with them. I ‘d picked up 2-3 at the time but then all shades were matte and didn’t look good on me. Moreover, all the shades inLakme were dark and I wanted some lighter everyday shades. Hence started my search…I saw some Clinique ones on some blogs but then I don’t think they’re available here…Plus, they were really pricey online so I resumed my search. I saw these in a youtube video and loved the colors. So after a short search I got a pretty good deal and picked up these 3 Stila Lip Glaze Sticks along with a free sharpener from Ebay Smile..stila-lip-glaze-stick-review+-lip-pencils

Click here for the full review.

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PAW Nail Art: A Tribute to our 4-legged pals…

Recently on WiseShe we’ve been having alotta discussions about our Dogs and how much we love them and the cute stuff they do. Christina and Shivangi are 2 of the girls I’e been having such talks with and when Chris sent me a few pics of her dog –  Kelly, I started missing Sunny, our pet who’s at Nagpur. So this is some nail art I did as a tribute to our 4-legged and fiercely loyal friends.

beyu nail polish black

I’d seen this nail art on YouTube a few months back and tried to link it but haven’t been able to find it now. Incase anyone remembers, pls do let me know so I can link it here.

black and white nail art

For this PAW nail art, I’ve used a white nail polish from Miss Claire in 002, Black from Beyu (No 318) & NYX Glitter nail polish (Under The Moon).

Nail polish + nail art

The Miss Claire nail polish is quite streaky and required some effort to make it work. Beyu was amazing and went on thick. A single coat was sufficient and the shine was gorgeous. The NYX glitter is one of the best I have and has a Holo effect as well. I applied this only to the areas which were black.beyu 318 black + paw nail art

Paws nailart

my nail art + paws nail art

Hope you liked it! 🙂




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Colorbar i-Glide Eyeliner Glowing Sapphire Review & Swatches

I love Colorbar eyeliners and am always hunting for new shades they come out with. I keep my fingers crossed and hope that they come up with new colors every year so I can keep stocking them and admiring them. The main reason is their fantastic formula which is so creamy and out of this world. And with a staying power to battle most high end brands, this is a sure winner. The newest shade in my kitty is Glowing Sapphire.

For the full review, click here.

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Want a Mint???

In my previous post you read about the GOSH nail polishes I got through Kejal (or rather her husband). And since I’ve been ordered by the Tweet-Clan, here i am with the swatches for the GOSH nail polish in MISS MINTY.

GOSH nail polish review

Miss minty+ gosh nail

GOSH nail polish+ miss minty review

It’s a pastel Baby Blue shade with a touch of turquoise and I love this! It goes on neatly sans streaks which is amazing since I’ve hardly come across pastels which don’t streak 🙂 Plus, I am crazy about such cream finishes and these days I’m always on the look out for such NPs 🙂

GOSH + Miss Minty

nail polish + gosh + miss minty

I also tried some nail art. Nothing complicated…just a butterfly sticker and diagonal dots in a deep green shade.

nail art + miss minty gosh nail polish

nail art + gosh miss minty

So, have you tried such shades?? And do you like cream finishes too?





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